Dr. Christiane Northrup has a free video series out now on menopause. She says rather than believing what the majority of society tells us–that menopause is the beginning of the end–it can actually be the beginning of a very spirit-filled, creative life. If you haven’t started menopause or if you are in peri-menopause, you may want to take a listen.

One of the things she mentioned in the third video was in relation to astrology and the “midlife crisis.” I admit I have not done a lot of research on this, but I do find it interesting. I understand it has to do with Chiron, which is not really a planet but an asteroid. I also understand it has to do with revolutions of Saturn. Finally, Dr. Northrup says 52 seems to be the magical number for men and women to begin noticing shifts in their lives. At the age of 51 I made the decision to go back to school and complete a lifelong goal I have had to earn my doctorate. At age 52 I had a total hysterectomy due to some challenges I was having at the time. These are significant changes in my body, my soul, and my spirit. Then at age 53 I began to reconnect with my intuition. It was like going home. I remembered feeling afraid of empathy. I didn’t want to “feel” everyone’s energy when I socialized. Today, I embrace my empathic side and feel as a more fully awake and intuitive empath, I can be of service to the world in a new way. I believe I am living more purposefully now than ever before. Dr. Northrup has written three NY Times Bestselling books on women’s health and has a number of videos you can find here if you want more information.

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