Angel Tarot for the Month of May 2016

I have used a 5-card spread to find out what the month of May has in store for us.

5-card spread

02 Two of WaterThe 1 card represents general expectations for the month. The card drawn is the Two of Water. Two cards represent relationships and water signifies emotions. Look out everyone, it looks like this could be an emotional month, particularly where any type of relationship exists. This might be romantic, friendship, or co-workers. The energy of the Two of Water is balance. Mutual respect and understanding are called for. As you will see from the rest of the cards drawn, we need to apply balance to other areas of our lives as well. It is a time to share ideas or apologies. By doing so you will be building lasting relationships.

07 Seven of AirNext the 2 card represents the first week of May. Here we have the Seven of Air. Sevens call for soul searching and Air cards symbolize the intellect. During this first week of May forgiveness should start with ourselves. The most important relationship we are in is the one we have with ourselves. I call this a week of self-care. Pay attention to details and avoid carelessness. Additionally, it is good to pay attention to timing. Without time for self care we may find ourselves like the unicorns on a merry-go-round; going around and around but getting nowhere.

08 Eight of Air

The 3 card represents the second week of May. Here we have the Eight of Air. Eight cards indicate progress. So if we take the time for self-care in week 1 (the seven or air) we can be assured of progress in week 2. It is important to be aware of self-fulfilling prophesies. We may feel a sense of being trapped like the 7 unicorns stuck in the water (symbolizing emotion). Instead, as we believe in ourselves and have confidence that we can complete tasks, we will break free as the single unicorn has done.

20 Renewal

The 4 card represents the third week of May. Here we have a major arcana card: 20-Renewal. Major arcana cards frequently represent the BIG things in our lives so beware that week 3 of May may have BIG changes and/or consequences. As we progress through the month, paying attention to details, and having confidence in our decisions, we get to a point in the month where we are either near the end of a project or we find ourselves at crossroads of a project. The Renewal card signifies it is time to carefully evaluate our lives so that we can more confidently make decisions. The Renewal card can also signify a change in jobs or a relocation. Archangel Jeremiel’s name means “mercy of God.” He is the angel who helps us evaluate and understand our lives. Call upon him if you are unsure about decisions that need to be made. Additionally, students find themselves nearing the end of the semester by the third week of May; the Renewal card can signify that examinations and certification tests go well.

09 Nine of Air

Finally the 5 card represents the fourth week of May and it is another Air card: the Nine of Air. Nine cards represent extremes between optimism and pessimism. This particular card is like a warning from heaven to change any negative thinking that we may have. It might be that by the fourth week of May we are feeling tired and are focusing more on fears of what might be instead of concentrating on the results we are hoping for. It is time to change that stinkin’ thinkin’. If we don’t, we may find ourselves ill and passed out on the lawn like the unicorns here. It is time to reach out to any spiritual community you may belong to in order to set your mind and heart right. Stay away from negative people and influences in your life–advice that is good any week of the year, but in particular for the fourth week of May.

So there you have it. Lots to look forward to in the Merry Month of May. It seems we will continue the craziness of the current Mercury Retrograde, which started on April 28 and continues until May 22, the beginning of the fourth week of May. It is of particular importance to pay attention to where you put your energy during this time. Focus on those areas that feel important, but keep balance. If you can wait until after May 22 for any BIG decisions, do so. If not, pay close attention to details and remember to be flexible.


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