16-Life Experience/The Tower

Next, our Dreamer comes to card 16-Life Experience or in the Rider-Waite (RW) tarot 16 is The Tower.

16 Life Experience   16 The Tower

In the RW tarot, we see a tower on fire and perhaps nearing collapse as two people are seen jumping from it, in spite of their inevitable demise when they hit the ground below. In the Angel Tarot, the tower is in the background and represents what we have created. Archangel Chamuel is drawing us away from the tower. Archangel Chamuel’s name means “he who sees God.” This is that epiphany we have been waiting for. Even though we may not see the destination clearly, we can trust that Archangel Chamuel does. Again we see butterflies signifying evolution–our personal evolution. There is also an hourglass in the foreground reminding us that the time has come. We are at a juncture where we must make a choice.

Card 16 is also known as the card of destruction and chaos. Everything our Dreamer has worked hard to build thus far may not be in the right direction for personal evolution. This is a time for reflection and soul-searching because as humans we tend to be resistant to change. But it may be that we have become complacent and now we encounter confining boundaries. In Angel tarot card 16 is called Life Experience because it may be some life experience that is causing this current consternation. Such life experiences might be the birth or welcoming of a child, getting married, a new job, relocating home, or graduation from college. Rather than seeing chaos in card 16, it may be that some life experience is forcing us to evaluate where we want to be and where we are headed. We may be off course and perhaps are just now able to see this more clearly. The Tower can be liberating but only if we release old beliefs and embrace change with wide-eyed wonder.

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