Fairy Tarot for the Month of June 2016

We survived the month of May with 5 planets retrograde and Mercury not repositioning itself until the last week of May! Take a deep breath and congratulate yourself. With the Summer Solstice coming on June 20th this feels like it’s time to see what the fairies have to tell us about the month of June. Again I am using a 5-card spread, but interpreting the cards a little different from May. June has 5 weeks so I am reading each card as a week in June (weeks running from Sunday to Saturday)

5-card spread

09 Nine of AutumnIn the 1 spot, for the first week of June (June 1-4) we have the The Nine of Autumn. Isn’t she a beautiful fairy sitting so serene while playing her harp? It may be that we have worked hard to set up the life we want and now, in the first week of June we will be able to sit back, relax and enjoy our efforts. Sounds good to me after the tumultuous month of May. The Nine of Autumn is about contentment. It is a good time to honor ourselves and treat ourselves to something luxurious. The Autumn cards correspond to the suit of Coins in traditional tarot or the element of Earth in Angel tarot. Earth cards represent our groundedness in the here and now. This is a time to focus more on the material aspects of daily living. Look for changes in community, society, or elsewhere outside of ourselves.

06 Six of WinterNext, in the 2 spot, for the second week of June (June 5-11)  is the Six of Winter. This second week will have positive changes. Leave your troubles behind and plot a course for new journeys. As the card indicates, travel over water may be in the cards for you this second week of June. Notice how the fairy is steering his boat through the bits of ice still on the water. We can see that warmer times are ahead. Winter cards represent the suit of Swords in traditional tarot or the element of Air in Angel tarot. Air cards represent intellect. This can mean that we are able to express ourselves very well or we may find that we are unable to make choices and we experience conflict with others. We might also be trapped by our own negativity. The six cards represent harmony and resolution so beware of any challenges and work to smooth them over for your own peace of mind.

04 The EmperorIn the 3 spot, representing the third week of June (June 12-18) we find a major arcana card–The Emperor. Staying in our intellect we need to be careful with our thinking. The Emperor is a leader, and so we may need to brush up on our leadership skills. You have what it takes to be a good leader. Trust your intuition and communicate your vision. If you are unsure, seek out a mentor who can help you communicate your vision. In one hand The Emperor has the world on the end of a staff. His concerns are worldly and this is his primary focus. In the other hand there is a heart signaling we need more compassion in the world. Note that the card is number 4. Four has always held magical possibilities and connections with angels. The angels are always close by to serve, assist and protect us as we get things done.

03 The EmpressIn the 4 spot, representing the fourth week of June (June 19-25) we find The Empress! In week 4 of June it looks like we will have all that we need to begin. We will have aligned our thinking with divine right action in week 3 and so in week 4 we are ready to manifest! Notice the treasure chest in the bottom right signaling treasures. Creation can take many forms. The beautiful fairy in The Empress card is looking over her child–God’s greatest creations. But we might also be ready to start a new project or a new task that we fondly refer to as “our baby.” Nothing can hold you back in week 4 of June. You will get a lot done and perhaps nurture yourself a little along the way. Get ready for some new adventure or endeavor.

15 EgoFinally in the 5 spot, representing the fifth week of June (June 26-30) we have another major arcana card! There are some BIG things happening in June. Major Arcana cards represent the big events in our lives. For example The Emperor takes on leadership, The Empress takes on creation, and now with card 15 we have Ego. Too much of anything is not a good thing. If in week 3 we bullied our way instead of leading with compassion, we may get caught with Ego in week 5. If in week 4 we created with abandon and manifested things that do not serve our purpose, we may get caught with Ego in week 5. As Doreen Virtue says, “Ego is not your Amigo.” If we are not clear on our priorities and what our purpose in life is, we may find happiness elusive. In week 5 it is time to stop and take a good look at ourselves. We don’t want to be motivated by fear and worry or following someone else’s journey. See the truth of who you are and let go of any guilt, fear, or blame. You may also want to detox from harmful foods, substances, or negative people in your life. The two beautiful fairies in the card stand before a traditional Celtic Beltrane Fire, a springtime sacred ceremony to release the old and welcome the new.

Wow. Three major arcana cards. You can’t make this stuff up. The law of attraction says it really doesn’t matter when you stop shuffling because the cards that you draw will arrive in perfect order as you attract them. There are big things happening in June. Don’t forget Summer Solstice is June 20th. As always I would love to hear your comments as you progress through the month. Are you experiencing what feels like synchronicity? Or is it divine guidance?

One thought on “Fairy Tarot for the Month of June 2016

  1. Week three of June proved very challenging for me. I found myself more often in my emotions and rarely in my intellect. I knew better yet I continued to sit with emotions. The week should have been about balance. I found myself in a leadership role but leading from emotion. This is really odd because as a Virgo, I am much more comfortable in intellect. I am a teacher. I lead students regularly. In this area of my life, I did well.

    My challenge this past week involved decisions beyond my control; legal decisions regarding what I have come to know as my soul mate from a previous life. Hindsight is a great teacher. I can see now, at the end of the week that the past few weeks have involved much denial on my part. I was not only trying to convince myself of an outcome that I desired, I tried to bring others along that journey with me. So when things didn’t turn out the way I wanted I was devastated. I quite literally fell apart from shock. I continue to grieve my loss but I watch my mentor put one foot in front of the other and show me that all is not lost. I am aligning my thinking with Divine Right Action so that I might manifest in week 4. I am checking to make sure Ego is in the backseat and I work on self-care so that I can recover from this blow and move on. We have two more weeks of June and two more major arcana cards: The Empress and Ego. May we all have a fantastic 4th week of June manifesting our dreams and desires; aligning with our highest and best good. Happy summer solstice and happy manifesting.


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