As our Dreamer nears the end of the journey, we come to card 20–Renewal in Angel tarot and Judgment in Rider-Waite (RW) tarot.

20 Renewal  20 Judgment

Judgment is an interesting card because it has some symbolism toward religion. In nearly all religions there is some sort of judgment that occurs in the afterlife. In the RW tarot, the angel from heaven sounds his trumpet and we see people who rise from the dead with their bodies intact. In both cards, there is the theme of renewal. In Angel tarot, there is also a man, woman, and child (a triad of life) but they are standing in calm waters at the edge of turbulent waves as Archangel Jeremiel stands in the turbulent waters, which represent the turmoil or challenges we have experienced along our journey. In Angel tarot we are told that the man represents consciousness, the woman represents unconsciousness, and the child represents higher consciousness. Together they symbolize balance between our earthly and spiritual Selves. Archangel Jeremiel whose name means “mercy of God” holds a staff with a light on top. The light is the color of the crown chakra indicating our progress in self-knowledge and spiritual awareness.

Card 20 is not so much about how others judge us; instead, it is about how we judge ourselves. Crispin (2016) says Judgment or Renewal is like the practice of making amends in Alcoholics Anonymous, where alcoholics contemplate their past with merciless honesty and genuine remorse, In order to be reborn, we must die first. Our new life, relationship, occupation or other desire can reveal itself only after we release that which no longer serves us. But we have prepared for this and with some time in reflection, we can confidently make choices for our future.

Crispin, J. (2016). The creative tarot: A modern guide to an inspired life. New York, NY: Touchstone.

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