21-The World

Finally, we reach the last card in the major arcana; the end of the journey for The Dreamer (The Fool). Card 21.

21 The World   21 The World

In Rider-Waite (RW) tarot, we see a naked hermaphrodite dancing within a ring of garlands. In Angel tarot, it is Archangel Michael standing within a laurel. Both represent accomplishment, achievement, success, and victory. The card is one of enlightenment; the end of a long journey. Along our journey, we have conquered much. We have arrived at a place of balance with our Selves fully developed and spiritually enlightened. This is evidenced by the two wands Archangel Michael is holding–one for the conscious and the other for the unconscious. What is interesting are the four corners of both cards. In Angel Tarot, we see the landscapes for the major arcana (fire, water, air, and earth), which appear next in the deck. In RW tarot the symbols are not directly from the minor arcana which would be wands, cups, swords, and pentacles. Instead, we see the four fixed signs of the zodiac: the bull for Taurus, lion for Leo, eagle for Scorpio, and human for Aquarius which is symbolic of the four elements or suits of tarot. There are infinity signs on the top and bottom of Angel Tarot and in RW tarot these are seen in how the red ribbon is tied at the top and bottom of the garland.

When The World card shows up it usually means we have completed some task of great importance. Remember major arcana represent the BIG events in our lives. We must take time and allow others to congratulate or praise us. There is a time for giving, but this is not it. Now we must graciously receive the praise we are given as we accept ourselves and those around us. We pause and enjoy our accomplishment before we return to card 0 and begin a new journey.

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