Spiritual Mind Treatment 06212016

There is one power, one all-knowing, ever present source known by many different names: God, Allah, Spirit, Universe, Love. Everyone and everything is created from this One. We are all creations from The Creator. This means that we are also connected to one another. When one hurts there are others who share the pain. When prayers are said they are heard by Source, God, and felt by others.

Tonight there are people being evacuated due to fires that rage out of control in California. I pray for those who leave their homes not knowing if they will have a home to come back to. I pray for the firefighters who work long hours at physically challenging jobs trying to save lives and homes. I pray for their families who worry about their loved one’s safety. I pray for the beautiful animal who lost its life tonight because someone thought a wild animal in captivity would be a good sign of what is supposed to be a ceremony symbolizing world peace. I pray for this bad decision and the soul who must live with the consequences of that decision. I pray for world peace.

I am thankful for this sacred time in prayer and I know my thoughts, words, and feelings have been heard so I can release my prayers out into the universe to disappear like clouds in the sky.

And so it is. Amen

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