I’ve been watching some free videos on the creative process and have been contemplating creativity in general. Last night as I was doing my ironing, I had a lot of thoughts pass through regarding my personal creativity. I recognize ironing is a skill that fewer and fewer people take part in today, but I come from a line of ironers. My mother still irons and so do I. I have a friend who calls my ironing board my “meditation board.” This is because ironing for me can be like meditating. The repetitive motion of back and forth allows me time to focus on breath and watch what enters my mind as I do so. I find ironing to be a very creative experience.

Think about it. As I iron I am taking articles of cloth that are wrinkled and sometimes twisted out of shape and create beautiful clothing that anyone would be proud to wear. I create crisp, pressed slacks with a sharp crease and blouses with neat collars that stand at attention. I select my tools carefully. I purchased a top of the line iron and am particular about the starch that I use. These are my creativity tools and they matter greatly.

Creativity is not something that only a few “special” individuals are capable of. It is not some gift given to just actors, artists, writers, or other chosen few. Creativity is given to everyone by virtue of being a part of Thee Creator. Here’s the thing… We all have numerous opportunities each day to be creative. It is a choice. When preparing a meal we can rush through a drive through or grab a sandwich and eat in front of the television or at our desk, OR we can spend time selecting just the right ingredients for our optimum health—organically grown fresh fruits and veges for example—and then carefully and with attention to detail, create a meal that any artist would be proud of. There are many opportunities in a given day to be creative. Become aware of occasions when you could be creating rather than doing.

The more you take time to be creative, the more creative you will be. Tweet this!

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