Angel Tarot for the Month of July 2016

June has come and gone already. I can hardly believe how fast it went. In some instances I think that was a good thing. There were a lot of emotional events in the month of June. Now it is time to take a look at July and see what the Angels want us to know about life events in July. As in previous months I am using a 5-card draw where card 1 represents overall expectations for the entire month and cards 2-5 represent the individual weeks of July.

5-card spread

16 Life ExperienceIn the 1-spot, representing general expectations for the month of July we have a major arcana card, 16-Life Experience. It seems we will be facing life changes in the month of July. It might be something we have been expecting that will come to fruition or it could be something unanticipated. In either case, the change will represent feelings of freedom and place us in control of our future in positive ways. If you feel encouraged to take a leap of faith, or if you have been resisting change, July will be the month to trust the angels and take that new job, new home, or new family relationships. Look for July to bring about change.

I04 Four of Watern the 2-spot, representing the first week of July we have the Four of Water. The water cards represent our emotions and deep feelings. They can also represent our psyche or intuitiveness. During the first week of July we will need to reevaluate where we are in life because we may be missing something. Perhaps we’ve been asking for guidance or answers to prayer and the angels have answered but we are not open to receiving the answer. It may be that the answer doesn’t look like we expect it to. When we pray remember to ask for “this or something better” and then be open to however that answer shows up. During the first week of July, step back and take inventory to make sure you are not missing opportunities. Notice how the mermaid is focusing on the three cups in the dark (representing her past) so intently that she does not notice the beautiful cup in the foreground (representing the future).

06 The LoversIn the 3-spot, representing the second week of July we have another major arcana card, 6-The Lovers. Week 2 of July is apparently going to be focused on relationships, intimate relationships. For those who have been seeking a long-lasting love relationship, it may come to fruition in the second week of July. If you have already found that intimate soul partner, this card can also mean important decisions will need to be made. These are decisions that are made with the heart more than the intellect. Archangel Raphael signifies a return to health for those who have had health challenges. In any of these cases it is going to be a week of working from the heart, on intimacy, however that shows up for you. You are encouraged to meditate and listen in the silence to what your heart has to say about intimacy in your life and in the lives of those you seek relationship with.

06 Six of AirIn the 4-spot, representing the third week of July we find the Six of Air. Air cards represent intellect. So in week 2 we are focusing on decisions made from the heart and in week 3 we can safely move back to decisions made from intellect. Air is aligned with communication, truth and the legal system. The Six of Air represents the light at the end of the tunnel. In week 3 of July we may find that we go on a journey. We resolve conflicts and as we begin to see and feel peace, we leave troubles behind us like the 5 unicorns left in the background while the sixth one sails in Novus which means “new”–new opportunities await us in the third week of July.

05 Five of FireFinally in the 5-spot, representing the last week in July we have the 5 of fire. Fire cards are about passion. Fire cards are where we find inspiration and creativity. There may be challenges and competitions as we pursue our passions in this last week of July. Make sure to take time to reflect on any difficulties and note if it is an opportunity to prove yourself by stepping outside of your comfort zone. Five represents change. Take a moment to evaluate where you are putting your efforts and make sure it is in the direction you want to be moving. Are you fulfilling your purpose? Are you sharing your unique gifts with the world? Or are you going through the motions, ignoring your passion and desire to show the world all that you are and all that you can be? The last week of July will be a time to Go For It!

So there you have July 2016. This should be an interesting ride as we begin with emotions, move toward intellect and then complete the month full of passion as we follow our dreams. I can’t wait to hear about the life experiences/changes you go through. Please feel free to share them in the comments. I will be drawing a separate card for Canada Day and Independence Day so you may want to look for that.

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