The Soul

I was reading from the July issue of Science of Mind magazine this morning and the message was spot on for me.

… Our soul …  is simply that energy within us that makes us unique. It is eternal, but we don’t have to wait until some afterlife to experience it. It is our connection to God and therefore, the source of all of our intuition, and it is the part of us that can never be hurt, damaged or diminished. It is there to guide us toward our greatest Good, to those things and experiences that will ultimately bring us joy and satisfaction.

When we honor our soul, we take care of ourselves. We follow our intuition and rest when we need to rest, play when we need to play and work when we need to work. We allow that greater Self to guide our actions and relax in the belief that our soul is always conspiring to bring us our Good.

We are all energy. Within this energy is our true and pure essence–soul. It is the part of us that cannot die. We exist today in human bodies with egos. The body will one day give out. It is a wonderful temple to house our soul, but it is not eternal like our soul. If we are careful about how we care for our body temple it will house our energy for a relatively long period of time. But here’s the thing, in today’s busy society, some people have forgotten the song of their soul. They have quieted that precious energy in the name of fame or fortune, pain or pleasure; the scale has tipped to one side or another, leaving balance but a memory.

If you’ve read the About page, you know that I have been an intuitive empath all of my life. Today’s message in SOM reminds us that we all are. A number of unfortunate occurrences in my early life (a potential book topic) caused my Ego to take control. The Ego can be a good thing when we are in fight or flight mode [Tweet this] . My Ego taught me how to survive. It took control and as the good student that I am, I listened, took notes, and survived. The thing is Ego helps to exist; not live. After a mild mid life crisis I realized how out of balance I was. In 2015 one of my CDFs was balance. I re-learned the importance of play and rest. As children these are natural states; but they are important for all ages. Let your soul sing! Live, don’t just exist. [Tweet this].

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