Full ‘Buck’ Moon in July 2016

Tomorrow night is a full moon, also called the Buck Moon as this is the time of year when young bucks get their fuzzy antlers. I spoke with the angels and asked what it is we all need to know or be mindful of during this full moon. Relationship HarmonyUsing the Archangel Oracle Cards, I pulled Relationship Harmony. Archangel Raguel is letting us know that all of the angels are opening their hearts to help relationships across the world. In this current time where we are witnessing so much violence and bloodshed, our relationship to one another could use some angelic help. The angels join us in a prayer for peace. If you feel you are in a relationship that needs healing, ask Archangel Raguel for help. We must be mindful that we all are made from love; love exists in us all. Sometimes it is challenging to see and that is why we pray. Relationships can be challenging but they are also blessings and hold life lessons. Stay focused on the knowledge that we all are made from love and pray for healing for anyone who does not realize this truth of humankind.

Raguel’s name means “Friend of God” and his role is to create harmony and order in relationships. He is also known as “The Archangel of Justice and Fairness.”


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