Guardian Angel Tarot for the Month of August 2016

I am traveling for the next few weeks and so posts may be a bit sporadic. I do want to share with you a single tarot card I drew for the overall feeling we will experience in August. I think you will be happy to see 17–Celebration!

17 Celebration

It looks like August will be a time for celebrating. This may be your own celebration or you may celebrate with family, friends, loved ones, your community, your city, or the planet. Think of this as though you have been blindfolded and in August you get to remove the blindfold and start making new plans. Now is a good time to make long-term plans. Take some time to sketch out where you vision yourself in 5-years or 10-years, then smile and know that the angels are here to help you reach those milestones. Anything you have dreamed of doing, you can comfortably do. Your dreams can come true if you stay positive, have faith, and ask the angels for assistance. Any relationship challenges you may have had are resolved now. Have confidence in yourself and know that you are here to provide something that only you can do. Let’s light the candles on the cake and make a wish!

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