Summer 2016

After three weeks away from home and a first week of Fall semester, I am back. Because I was on a road trip, traveling by car, I took my cards and crystals for a drive–because I could. I spent time with the crystals but found myself choosing the apps for tarot and oracle card readings more than actually touching my many card decks. There are a few things I learned or experienced on this trip that I would like to share.

  1. First, people are generally good-hearted. No matter where you go, deep down people are kind. The card I drew that seems to best remind me of this is from the Daily Guidance from the Angels oracle deck:
    See Only LoveIf we all can remember that we are created from thee Creator, then it is easy to see the good in others. The Divine exists in us all. Yes, this includes the people who seemingly cut us off on the highway. I returned to California (where drivers are not generally known for their kind acts on freeways) with a more peaceful feeling about driving. Granted having driven over 4,000 miles in three weeks may have something to do with it, but before I left California I know I had stress around driving. It was a challenge for me and I intended to deal with it. The trip helped me to gain perspective and see only love in others.
  2. One day while driving through the deserts of Arizona and New Mexico, I realized I was experiencing all four of my CDFs (core desired feelings). I felt very connected to my higher power, to nature, and to my own soul. I felt expanded as I drove through new sights and sounds. I felt joy that I had manifested a road trip that could include so much beauty from mother earth. And finally, I experienced freedom as I freely made the choice to get out and explore the country alone, rather than wait for someone else to join me. In the end it turned out to be the best thing I’ve ever done for myself, by myself.
  3. Family, regardless of how it looks, is a very important part of who we are. I had four goals for this trip. One was to visit family in Texas and a second was to spend time with family in Idaho. The family I visited in Texas I had not seen in over 30 years, and yet, it did not feel like so much time had passed. I felt connected to my kin, and this visit triggered in me a desire to stay in touch with family regardless of where they live. I have family in California, Idaho, Wyoming, Georgia, and Texas and I want to take time to keep in touch with all of them. My visit with family in Idaho reminded me that I am accepted and loved exactly as I am. Even better, I know I am supported regardless of the choices I may make that others disagree with.
  4. Take just one deck of oracle cards and one deck of tarot on any trip. The Angels are always with us and can answer our questions through a single deck. There are some that are more specific to things going on in our lives, like romance, health, and career, but the Angels will provide an accurate response regardless of the deck we use.
  5. Select just a few crystals to take on travels. These can generally include bloodstone–a good healing stone; rose quartz–a good emotional healer; garnet–powerfully energizing; jasper (any variation) a very tranquil stone used for protection; carnelian–a stone of prosperity and vitality; amber–a powerful cleanser and healer; or citrine–another powerful cleanser that promotes confidence and joy.
  6.  The third goal for my trip was to visit the Grand Canyon National Park. I was at times overcome with joy at seeing the beautiful creations of nature. I have always tried to include a visit to a national park wherever I go and I will continue to do so. They never let me down.
  7. The fourth goal was to visit a naturopath and find out how I can holistically heal the physical pain I feel on a regular basis. I was not disappointed and will continue to work with Dr. K via telephone calls in between actual visits. It saddens me that the cost of healing ourselves holistically is beyond financial reach for many. Pharmaceutical companies have created a mentality among many that a pill can cure anything that ails us. By doing this we fail to look at underlying causes and heal the root problem and so the cycle of pain continues. I am breaking that cycle. I recognize it may be difficult at times (both financially and physically), but I also know that I am not alone–my angels are waiting to help me find ways to continue to care for my physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual self.

So there you have it. I traveled a little short of three weeks, just over 4,000 miles, and saw parts of Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, Idaho, and Nevada before returning to California. I can’t wait to see what next summer brings!

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