Preparing for Mercury Retrograde

Before I pull cards to see what the month of September looks like, I felt like I should pray about the upcoming mercury retrograde and ask the angels what we can do to help this time pass with less stress and more ease. So our final mercury retrograde for 2016 begins tomorrow, August 30 and will last until September 22. I prayed to stay in my higher self so that I could accurately see, hear, know and feel the divine messages the angels had to share with me. I then drew three cards from the Angel Therapy deck. I chose three to round out options for everyone.

You Are Profoundly ClairvoyantThe first card I drew was “You are Profoundly Clairvoyant.” This is not a surprise since our intuition can be high during these periods when the planet mercury appears to be moving backwards. Since the Creator is all seeing, it stands to reason that we, as creations from the Creator also have this gift. Pay attention to “coincidences” that may not be so coincidental. You may want to pay attention to any signs like numbers, coins, and the like. Your clairvoyance is a gift constantly guiding your thoughts and actions, but only if you pay close attention.

Throat Chakra

The next card I drew was “Throat Chakra.” When we see a card relating to the throat chakra it usually involves speaking our truth. During this time we want to be aware of our clairvoyance and speak our truth with ourselves and with others. Don’t hold back. You will know if you need to speak because if you hold back in fear or for whatever reason, you will feel your throat tighten. Express yourself whether it be in the spoken word, written word or some other creative expression. Use this time to share your clairvoyance with others. You may be surprised that what you have to say is just what someone needs to hear. Mercury retrograde can result in miscommunication but if you are speaking your truth, you will have less of that occurring.

Vegetarian or Vegan

The last card is “Vegetarian/Vegan.” This is a clear indication that we should take good care of ourselves. Yes, it is a very good idea to always pay attention to self care, but if you generally don’t, you will want to work a little harder at it for the next few weeks. Honor your body with good food, lots of hydration, meditation, and exercise. Be mindful of your body temple and respond to the vibrations you get for any type of self care. If you need help with this one, you can always ask the angels for help to reduce cravings for things like sugar and alcohol. You want to keep a healthy body temple for this mercury retrograde and always.

So there you have it. The angels have provided us with some good advice on how to get through this final mercury retrograde of 2016. I will post later in the week to see what else is in store for the month of September.


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