Angel Tarot for the Month of September 2016

Happy September! Today is the first day of September and it just so happens there is a New Moon in Virgo AND a Solar Eclipse today! It feels like a good time to see what the month of September has in store for the world.

After centering myself and praying to the angels for clear guidance for myself and the world, I drew 5 cards from the Angel Tarot deck using the spread below, where the 1 card represents overall expectations for the month of September and cards 2-5 represent the individual weeks of the month. Keep in mind that I already pulled a card to inform us of expectations during the Mercury Retrograde which began August 30 and will end after September 21.

5-card spread

14 King of AirIn the 1-spot representing general expectations for the month of September we have the King of Air. The King gathers information from many sources before making any big decisions. Sometimes we need advice and we must be willing to ask for it. It is also the case that sometimes we are the source of advice for others and we must also be willing to share our wise counsel. Interestingly, the King of Air represents our intellect indicating that not all decisions are made from the heart. Sometimes we need both heart and mind. September will provide opportunities to communicate your advice and listen to others as they communicate theirs. Advice may come from a professional like government, military, or academia. If you are in those professions, you may be the one offering advice to others.

08 Eight of FireIn the 2-spot, representing the first full week of September (4-10) we find the Eight of Fire. You may recall fire cards generally represent things that we are passionate about. The eight signifies busy. Life will be very busy this first full week of September. The busy-ness may be arriving after a period of slow and quiet times. The good news is that the busy-ness is welcome and positive. It may at times feel stressful, but the endeavors that we are busy with are welcome. This busy-ness may require us to prioritize goals in order to accomplish the most and not feel so chaotic.

10 Ten of FireIn the 3-spot, representing the second week of September (11-17) we have the Ten of Fire. This signifies that the busy-ness was perhaps not prioritized well, and by week 2 we may be out of balance. See this as a warning. Acknowledge that there will be much to do and we may even be working on multiple projects or jobs. Don’t get so caught up in the work that you neglect other areas of your life. Notice how the dragon (a symbol of passion) is working into the night as the lights of the city shine below. Don’t work so much that you feel a heavy burden and lose passion for the work. Too much work and not enough play is very unhealthy. You may want to schedule a day of play in week 2 of September.

20 RenewalIn the 4-spot, representing the third week of September (18-24) appears a major arcana card. This third week of September is interesting because on the 21st  we have the last day of mercury retrograde as it ends and then the next day, on September 22 we have the Fall Equinox–the first day of Fall or Autumn. The card for this week is 20-Renewal, from the major arcana, representing the big things in our lives. So keeping in mind how busy we will be in the first two weeks, by week 3 we will be nearing completion of important projects. This also means it is good to take time to pause and reflect on where to go next. The Renewal card lets us know that we are ready for whatever lies ahead. Whether it be school, a new job, a legal proceeding or a new relationship–we have been preparing for this and we are ready for change.

05 Five of EarthFinally we get to the 5-spot, representing the fourth and final week of September (25-30). Here we come upon the Five of Earth. After evaluating some of life’s bigger events in our lives, we come back to the everyday with the Five of Earth. The Earth cards are represented in Rider Waite Tarot as the suit of Coins. These cards generally have to do with finances–paying bills and making money. The Five of Earth signifies that by the last week of September we may be creating lack by allowing Ego to fill us with fear. The Law of Attraction says we attract that where we place our energy. If we are focused on lack (money, friends, health, romance…) then we will attract more lack. This can be a good time to remember that King of Air and ask for help or advice surrounding any fears you have around lack. The situation is temporary and once you change your stinkin thinkin and take on a more positive outlook, you will again get into the flow of abundance. Remember the more you are grateful for, the more you have to be grateful for!

So there you have it–September 2016. Prepare to get busy, stay balanced, reflect on changes and stay positive!

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