Guardian Angel Tarot for The Month of October 2016

Wow! Is anybody else surprised at how quickly the month of September seemed to go by? I realized by this last week of the month that I spent the first 3 weeks (during mercury retrograde) waiting for it to be over. I admit I had some challenges with technology and I also know I was not alone. I read where Danielle LaPorte released a piece of technology and Kate Northrup purchased new technology to replace old technology no longer functioning correctly. I am thankful for the slowing down I was forced to do, and grateful to have survived!

In thinking and praying about the month of October I was drawn to use the Guardian Angel Tarot deck. I have used the same spread as in previous months where the 1 card represents overall expectations for the month and cards 2-5 represent the individual weeks of the month (see below).

5-card spread

So let’s get started and see what we can expect for October 2016.

13-letting-goIn the 1-spot representing general expectations for the month we have 13-Letting Go. Notice the angel is waving good bye. Letting go can refer to any number of things including not just relationships that no longer serve us but dead end jobs, communities where we are no longer growing, or accumulation of material things. Think of this as a time to release the old so that you can better prepare for the new. Letting go can be frightening because we release that which is comfortable, but who ever grew out of comfortable? Letting go can be exhilarating as we experience the new; it can be liberating as we free ourselves from the past. This is a good month to consider letting go so keep that in the back of your mind as you move through the month of October.

13-healer-of-actionIn the 2-spot representing the first week of October (1-8) we are presented with Healer of Action. In Guardian Angel Tarot this card represents the Queen of Fire (in Angel Tarot) or the Queen of Wands (in Rider Waite Tarot). Like the Queen, women in general are good healers. You can see the love and healing emotion in the woman, the child, and even in the cat. If you feel drawn to a person as you see the card, then it may represent someone you trust; someone who can handle difficult situations with grace and ease; someone who stands in her beliefs. This might be someone you look up to or it might be you. If you see the card and your first thought is a situation, it may be that someone who is a healer matches your life currently, or the life you are creating. You may find the situation in this first week of October challenging but know that you are making a difference in the world with the work you do and see this as a good reason to continue your efforts. Action is necessary; follow your passion. Stay strong and stay balanced.

02-go-withinIn the 3-spot representing the second week of October (9-15) comes a second major arcana card for the month, 2-Go Within. Interesting. You may recall that the major arcana represent the BIG things going on in our lives and the minor arcana represent the more daily activities of life. The 2-Go Within card is signaling that in week 2 of October we need to take time to sit in quiet stillness (meditate) and listen to messages from the Divine or the Angels. We are all intuitive and creative beings; it is ok to trust your intuition. The more you listen, the easier it becomes to hear the messages. Sometimes guidance can also come to us through dreams. Set the intention when you go to bed during this second week of October to ask for guidance each night. Pray for simple, direct, and easily understandable answers to your questions. This is a time of trust. Trust in yourself to know and understand messages from the angels and trust in the kindness of the Universe.

08-fair-decisionsIn the 4-spot representing the third week of October (16-22) comes a third major arcana card, 8-Fair Decisions. It looks like there may be something going on for many of us that causes worry or concern. Remember that worry is simply a misuse of the imagination. Spend time imagining and creating positive feelings and things; not negative thoughts and worry. This card assures you that there is nothing to worry about. If you need to stand up for yourself, do so. If you have wronged someone then this is a reminder to be fair and apologize for your wrongdoing. Be mindful to review relationships, contracts, and actions all with love and kindness. This should be easier to do if you have gone within during week 2.

02-two-of-thoughtFinally, in the 5-spot representing the last week of October (23-31) comes the Two of Thought. In Guardian Angel Tarot this card is similar to the Two of Air (in Angel Tarot) or the Two of Swords (in Rider Waite Tarot). This card is asking us to stop procrastinating and make a decision. It’s time to get out of your head and go with your gut. Don’t overthink the situation. Go within and listen to the guidance you are receiving, then do what is fair and kind. Deep down you know what the answer is; you know what to do. Thought cards are intellect cards but this decision requires both intellect and listening to your heart. You can’t move forward until you deal with this situation so take a hard look, ask for guidance and help if you need it, then make the decision and be free. This may relate to the card for the month, 13-Letting Go, and require you to release something that you have been hesitant about. Meditate, get clear, and then be fair.

I love the way each month carries a theme as we all grow and learn from one another. I pray this is a good month for everyone as we release that which no longer serves our purpose, while being kind in our thoughts and actions. We balance the outerworld with our inner guidance.


As an aside, I want to let those who follow me regularly know that I am in the middle of taking comprehensive exams for my doctoral program and so that is why you are seeing fewer posts here. I know that my progress is good and I will one day be rewarded with the end goal I have sought out since childhood–a PhD. Thank you for your patience.

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