Angel Tarot For The Month of November 2016

Is October really over already? Where did it go? It feels like as we near the end of the calendar year, we get so busy that we can miss a lot in our busy-ness. Let’s try to slow down a little to smell the roses. Tonight I prayed to know what I can share with others about November. I was drawn to use the Angel Tarot deck and used the same spread but interpreted it differently. This month, I have drawn five cards, each representing a week (or partial week) of the month.

5-card spread

04-the-emperorIn the 1 spot representing the first week of the month (November 1-5) came a major arcana card: 4-The Emperor. I always find it comforting to see Archangel Michael in a card reading and this month is no different. The Emperor represents order and discipline. So while dreams are important, they must also be backed by logic and organization. A plan must exist in order to maintain stamina throughout the journey. This requires a leadership role whether it is us who become leaders, or leaders present themselves and we follow. A good quality of leaders is that they empower those who follow. Archangel Michael will help anyone who asks, to feel safe as we go about the business of creating. His name means “he who is like God,” which is why so many people find him comforting. During this first week of November it is time to create a plan of action so that we can follow that plan throughout the month and stay on track with our dreams.

02 The High PriestessIn the 2 spot representing the second week of November (6-12) is another major arcana card: 2-The High Priestess. The High Priestess indicates more meditation and reflection on dreams and life in general. This is a good time to get clear on desires. While miracles can and do happen, the High Priestess asks for patience. The answers are all within but we must sit still in the silence to hear the answers. The High Priestess represents dualities and indicates it is important to see both sides of any situation before making decisions. Archangel Haniel is known for her intuition and feminine energy. Her name means “the grace of God,” making her a perfect escort for inner journeys.

01-ace-of-waterIn the 3 spot representing the third week of November (13-19) is the Ace of Water. Water cards represent emotions and ace cards represent beginnings. This is a good card for connections with others. There could be the beginning of a new romance or a very close friendship. Because homes are places where we connect with others, the Ace of Water can also represent a new home. Perhaps after that second week of quiet reflection, answers regarding important relationships will reveal themselves in week 3.

09-nine-of-waterIn the 4 spot representing the fourth week of November (20-26) is another emotion card, the Nine of Water. This is the week of Thanksgiving in the United States. Nines feel like completion, but the journey isn’t over yet. It is like being able to see the finish line but you have not yet finished the race. Dreams are coming to fruition and there is anticipation of a celebration, possibly the Thanksgiving holiday toward the end of the week. The mermaid looks very happy and is filled with joy. The nine cups in the ocean are filled with jewels but that doesn’t mean just financial abundance. Abundance comes in many ways: career, love, health or other desires of the heart. Jewels also represent luxury. It is a good time to enjoy the beautiful things in life, including family and friends.

11 StrengthFinally, in the 5 spot representing the fifth and final week of November (26-30) is another major tarot card, 11-Strength. The major tarot cards represent the bigger aspects in our lives whereas the suits represent more of our daily activities. It is surprising to see three major arcana cards in this draw. November is shaping up to be a big month. The strength card reminds us that we can follow our dreams but be careful that no one is harmed in that pursuit. Sometimes forgiveness and tolerance are necessary and they are great signs of strength. Kindness and compassion are in order by the end of November. Archangel Ariel’s name means “lioness of God.” She is a true environmentalist and lover of all animals.

November has some very good things to look forward to. If we create a plan to start the month our dreams can come to fruition. Periodically it is important to sit in silence and connect with our intuition. This quiet time will lead to important connections with others through romance or friendships, spiritual growth or a new home. By the fourth week of November wishes and dreams are coming true and joy in life takes over. As that joy fills souls, remember to show compassion and kindness to others. November has a strong finish.

As always, if you find something from the monthly reading resonates with you or you would like to share a story of how the reading played out in your life, please post and share with others.

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