Angel Card Reading for January 2017

Happy New Year. I am a little late posting but I have drawn cards for the first month of 2017. Using the Daily Guidance Oracle cards I pulled four cards for each week in January with the last week extending a few days longer.

opportunity-to-forgiveFor the week of January 1-7, the first week of January, the card is Opportunity to Forgive. Start the month taking inventory to make sure there is no one who needs to be forgiven. This might be someone to forgive or it might be that you need to forgive yourself. If there is some negative pattern that you are ready to release, this first week of January is a good time to let it go and forgive yourself. Break the cycle. If the negative pattern involves someone else, then forgive and let go. Remember that when we forgive others we are not condoning negative behavior, we are releasing the toxic feelings we have surrounding the person and situation so that we are free to move forward. Find the blessing in the relationship or situation and let it go.

perfect-timingFor the week of January 8-14, the second week of January, the card is Perfect Timing. If you have had inspirations or recurring dreams, the second week of January is the time to take action. The angels will guide you and help you as you move to make things happen. Don’t procrastinate any longer. Everything is aligned for you to achieve your goals. If you have been contemplating a question, now is the time to make a decision. It may be that previous blocks and indecisiveness were present because the timing wasn’t right. Now is the perfect time.

playFor the week of January 15-21, the third week of January, the card is Play. I love this card and I love when it shows up. By the third week of January you will have worked hard at forgiveness and pursuing intuitive endeavors. Work is good but must be balanced with play. The angels will make sure everything gets the attention needed while you take some time to play and enjoy yourself. Be sure during this third week of January to laugh lots, smile, and have fun. This counteracts the feelings of fatigue, irritability, or depression that you might be feeling. Play is not something that you want to try and fit into your schedule. Instead, it is something that you want to make time for. Put a play date on your calendar; schedule play time. Your soul will thank you and you will feel much lighter and full of energy to resume work after you have spent time in play.

steady-progressFor the last ten days of the month, January 22-31, the card is Steady Progress. This card is a message from the angels that you are making progress toward your goals. Don’t judge yourself harshly or feel like you are moving too slow. You are right where you need to be. Instead of focusing on how much more you have ahead of you, look back and see how far you have come. Every day, take at least one small step toward your goals and before you know it they will add up and you will reach your goals and complete projects. Be kind to yourself and focus on the light instead of the dark. Your contributions are necessary for the world. Through your actions, your thoughts, and your love, you are making the world a better place.

So enjoy the first month of 2017 and remember that in the yearly reading the card for January was 10-The Wheel. Archangel Michael is ready to help us move into 2017 with positive changes and beneficial opportunities.

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