Not a Good Time to Travel

I love to hear stories of how people use angel cards to get clear guidance on matters in their lives. Sometimes the questions are really big and involve life-changing events like buying homes, having children, and life purpose. Then there are other times when angel cards are used to answer questions about the everyday events in our lives like what to focus on for the day, eating healthy, and whether or not to travel. This week I had another awesome experience listening to my guardian angels.

Before I arrived in Idaho I was anticipating teaching a course on Introduction to Reading Angel Cards. As the date got closer, I was a little disappointed that the number of students I was hoping to have dwindled considerably. Then I remembered that I am divinely guided and everything happens for a reason so I went with the class as a small gathering on Monday and it was perfect. Normally I like to see an even number of students so that they can practice reading cards with one another. This time the number was odd so I allowed myself to participate with students and asked questions allowing different students to draw cards for me.

07 Seven of AirI had been planning on traveling from Idaho to California the day after the class. As an easy question to start with I thought I would ask about travels. There has been a lot of snow and ice but I generally felt good about my decision as I had been watching the forecast in each of the states I would need to travel through to get back to California. The astute student across from me prayed over her cards and then drew the Seven of Air: “Plans that need revision. More going on than meets the eye. Poor timing.” Well, I was surprised to see this but thankful. At the time, I had no reason to expect anything strange, but I was confident that my angels knew best. I decided immediately to take the advice and review my timeline. I would need to cancel reservations in Nevada and reschedule appointments back in California, but so be it. I still was unsure of why, but confident that I was being divinely guided to change plans.

snowOn Tuesday night the weather forecast was showing a winter storm across Idaho, Oregon, and Nevada–all states that I would need to pass through to get home. This morning I awoke to 4-5 inches of snow on the ground and it has been snowing nearly nonstop all day. The anticipated 1-3 inches has more than doubled. I am so thankful to be inside watching the snow fall and not outside trying to maneuver my way on highways.

Remember you are always divinely guided. There was a reason for the class to be small and a reason why there was an odd number of students in attendance. I was supposed to participate and I am glad I listened to my angels.

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