Fairy Tarot for February 2017

Is it really February already?! What happened to January?

I have been spending a lot of times outdoors lately, particularly around trees and water (rivers and lakes) and so I felt called to talk with the fairies about what we all can expect for February. After praying for divine guidance and asking to stay in my higher self, I pulled just four cards, one for each week in February. I was not guided to pull a 5th card for the overall feeling of the month. Instead, I am going to remind everyone of the February card that was pulled for the yearly reading.

18 The MoonFor February the card is 18-The Moon. Archangel Haniel is associated with the full moon, intuition, and clairvoyance. February will be a time to go within and focus on any dreams or visions that seem to keep recurring. These are signs from the angelic realm and should be taken seriously. Intuition is always present but sometimes we allow Ego to fill us with fear or insecurities. Rather than giving Ego that much power, go within and know that truth will be revealed. February is a good time to focus on balance. In the card you can see a wolf on one side and a dog on the other. These represent both the wild and the domestic; the conscious and the subconscious.

With that in mind, let’s focus on the next 28 days. For the month of February I have pulled cards for 7-day weeks and not the typical Sunday-Saturday.

03-three-of-springFor the first seven days of February (1-7) there is the Three of Spring.  Isn’t she beautiful? Like Springtime, the suit of spring is about creation and action. Baby animals are often born in the springtime and flowers bloom in the spring. The suit of spring is red indicating passion and the need for action. The three indicates we have been working for a time and now we are waiting to reap our rewards. It is important that we have patience. Just as it takes seeds time to grow and blossom so will it take time for our creative endeavors to blossom. In the Ace of Spring Joseph of Arimathea planted a tree of Holy Hawthorn of Glastonbury. The fairy in the Three of Spring holds branches from that Divine tree filled with beautiful blossoms. She awaits her reward and anticipates her next adventure.

08-eight-of-summerFor the next seven days of February (8-14) we have the Eight of Summer. Summertime is often a very adventurous time. Many spend summer vacations by water or in pools. Water is blue and like the summer cards represents emotion. The Eight of Summer shows a fairy watching the sun set while she stands on a path with her bags in hand. The setting sun represents an ending. It is time for her to move on. The choice to leave is one being made purposefully and is not one she has been forced to make. During these seven days, pay attention to signs from the angelic realm signaling endings. You may need to take baby steps until you feel ready to completely step away or you may step away swiftly. Either way you can rest assured that you are ready to move on for your highest and greatest good. Another way to look at this card is to see the sun rising, indicating the new beginning she is headed toward.

05-five-of-autumnThe next seven days of February (15-21) move us into a different season, the Five of Autumn. What timing that this would show up right after the Eight of Summer. Autumn cards are similar to the green Earth cards in Angel Tarot. Earth cards are about the daily activities and material aspects of life. Here the fairy boy is humbly accepting help from the angel. This coincides with the previous card and our need to move on. As we move forward we may find we need a little assistance. Spirit is always ready to help out; all we need to do is ask. Look for signs from the angels that you are on the right path. When you pray for help, ask that the messages be simple, clear, and easily understandable. Be careful to not get bogged down in the negative and start creating self-fulfilling prophesies. Instead, believe and know that you are divinely guided and you are on the right path. Stay positive and ask for help when you need it knowing that it will be provided. Challenges need not appear insurmountable. Help is only a prayer away.

02-two-of-springFinally we come to the last seven days of February (22-28) and here we have another Spring card. We start and end the month with passion. The Two of Spring is affirming you hold the world in your hands. Harness that passion and go out into the world and do great things. The two fairies show that you may want to consider collaborative or team work. You might need a partner to help you with some creative task. If you find someone who shares your dream and goals, this is a very good time to work together because you can motivate and encourage one another. Together you cheer for each other and encourage one another. Just be careful that your passions are similar. You don’t have to have exact goals (although that is ideal), but you do need to be careful that your partner is on a similar path. The two fairies are almost finished building their boat. Next will be the big purple butterfly wings for sails and then they can sail to the Three of Spring who is waiting for her ship to come in.

I feel so blessed to be able to share my interpretations of tarot with others. I am honored that you come by to visit and check out what to expect each month. The fairies have been strong in my life lately and I know it is likely because I am in flux as I slowly make efforts to change geographic locations, what I do for a living, and who I share my life with. I am working for better balance as I follow my passion and spiritual guidance. Fairies are God’s nature angels; they are very strong environmentalists. Additionally, Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine, the creators of the Fairy deck refer to it as the “self-esteem deck.” Many of the messages on the cards are centered around self-confidence. If you, like myself, sometimes need a little positive boost in this area, these are wonderful cards to turn to. Have a great February everyone and if you feel inclined, come back and let me know how the month is shaping up for you.

Professor V.

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