Angel Tarot for March 2017

As March begins so does the religious observance of lent. I was anxious to see what the angels had to share with us as we begin the month of March and this solemn religious observance. As a reminder, I will first show what the yearly reading card revealed for March. After that I was instructed to draw 5 cards for each of the weeks in March (note that the first week is a partial week) and will provide the dates below. So with that, let’s get started.

09-nine-of-waterIn the yearly reading, the card for March was Nine of Water. The suit of water represents our emotions, love, relationships, family, romance, and dreams. Nine cards reflect extremes and can feel like completion but are more like a resting place or the calm before the storm. Nine of Water indicates there may be some carryover from February as our intuition and psychic nature are also heightened. Whatever we focused on in February comes true in March. Nine of Water represents joy and dreams come true. March 20th marks the Spring Equinox, new beginnings and fresh starts. This could be a month of marriage proposals or new children through birth or adoption. Be aware of job offers, and new homes as well. I don’t know about you all, but I find this very exciting and am anxious to see what March brings us all.

10 Ten of FireFor the first partial week of March (1-4), we have the Ten of Fire. Fire cards represent passion and while passion is a good thing to feel regarding work activities, that same passion can lead us to get out of balance. Work should be enjoyable and not necessarily exhausting. The Ten of Fire reminds us that it is not only ok but a good thing to ask for help. When we get so caught up in work, we sometimes start to neglect other areas of our lives like our health, family, friends, and play. These are important in our lives for many reasons but it is through this playfulness that we create and get new ideas. The symbolism in the card shows a beautiful dragon alone and carrying a heavy burden. The pot of gold is good and still in tact, but it has become very heavy as the dragon carries it in the night. Finally, ten cards represent endings that are followed by new beginnings. This first week pay attention to balance and where you want to create new beginnings.

11-page-of-waterFor the second week of March and the first full week (5-11) we have the Page of Water. I love that the Page follows the Ten because Pages represent new beginnings, often in the area of love. However, pages are shy and inexperienced and so they get excited about new beginnings while also remaining a little timid. This card can also represent a current relationship that is moving to a new level. Because this is a water card it also represents emotions and can represent our intuition, which may be growing and evolving during this time. Pages are messengers so look for messages from loved ones including the Divine. The symbolism of this card begins with the mermaid in the tumultuous waters. The movement of the water signifies that something exciting is happening. Whales symbolize personal growth and psychic abilities. The dolphins are a reminder to have fun. Finally, the cup of water floating on the waves is a reminder that while our hearts want to get lost in the emotions, it is a good idea to keep our heads above water and not get too carried away.

08 JusticeFor the third week of March (12-18) we have 8-Justice. The endings and new beginnings that will occur in the first two weeks of the month may place us in positions where we need to make decisions. This could be decisions about where to live, new employment opportunities, marriage proposals, or children among other things. If we keep our head above the water as guided to do in the previous week, we should find that we can fairly make good decisions. Using our intuitive gifts and taking time to go within to seek answers are key this week. Sometimes a decision is challenging for others to accept, but it is important to stand up for what you believe and know to be truth. Hold on to your convictions and you will be justly rewarded. Likewise, Justice reminds us to extend this fairness to all and serve as an activist. If you notice unkindness in any situation, call attention to it. The world needs more compassionate people. Archangel Raguel shows justice with perfectly balanced scales. Archangel Raguel is the one to call when you feel challenged with a decision.

09 The HermitFor the fourth week of March (19-25) we have 9-The Hermit. It looks like we will be following the Dreamer’s journey for a couple of weeks. The Hermit shows up because after we have made our kind, compassionate, and fair decisions, it is time to reflect through quiet meditation. The Hermit is a mentor and signifies that it is time to either allow ourselves to be mentored or to serve as a mentor for someone else. This is particularly true for spiritual matters. Anyone reading this is likely drawn to Angel Cards because you are in touch with your intuitiveness and spirituality. We all are teachers and learners. Get quiet and listen to see which you are being called to. The Hermit holds a lantern for all of the truth seekers to find him. Because the month of March will hold endings and new beginnings, it may start to feel like things are moving too quickly. When that happens, it is best to stop and take a time out. Rest, reflect, pray, meditate, and listen to your own inner guidance. The fireflies in the card represent our inner light and magic in the world. The Hermit’s cane lets us know that it is ok to lean on others from time to time. Finally, the number 9 represents humanitarianism. It may be time for you to share your light with the world.

02-two-of-fireFor the last partial week of March (26-31) we have the Two of Fire, another passion card. The month of March is starting and ending with passion.The Two of Fire indicates we have made the changes we sought out in the beginning of the month. It is time to push forward because the new changes mark the beginning of new adventures. We really are just beginning with the decisions we have made. The symbolism of the two men in the forest show we can have a partner in this new quest. Two cards represent partnership that can be friendship, romantic or business. The Two of Fire in particular is often career-based. The baby dragon shows the beginning or newness of our new passion or creative endeavour. The colorful dragon eggs at the bottom of the card indicate there are more opportunities to come. There are creative ideas and possibilities we are not even aware of yet. Our potential is unlimited.

So that is March 2017. I am excited about the month and can’t wait to see what happens. I have felt this coming and I recognize my journey is just beginning. I hope the cards also spoke to you. I prayed over the deck before I drew cards and asked what might be helpful for all of us to know at this time. In the big picture, our country (USA) and the world are evolving and changing. Remember, change is the one constant we can count on. It is much easier to embrace the change and new beginnings than to fight them.

Professor Van Ry

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