Angel Tarot for April 2017

I am excited to share with you what the angels have shared with me for April 2017. I was told to use two very special decks for this month’s reading: The Archangel Power Tarot cards and the Ascended Masters Oracle cards. These are very powerful decks and ones that I don’t use often so I knew before I drew cards that April will be a very exciting month. I drew one card from each deck for each week in April.

14-king-of-earthAs a reminder, in the Yearly Tarot reading for 2017, the card for April was King of Earth. Earth cards represent our material world. This includes our home, our livelihood, making money, taking care of our bodies, and taking care of our planet. King cards generally represent authority or people who wield power. King of Earth represents success in these areas of life. April will herald a great time for prosperity. The rainbow in the sky represents good luck and abundance. Remember, abundance is best shared through donations to charities. The king shares with others less fortunate and is also an environmentalist, making sure Mother Earth is cared for. So with this as our overall card for April, let’s get to the weekly readings.

11 Page of GabrielStarting with the first week of April (1-8), the Archangel Power Tarot card is Page of Gabriel. Court cards can represent people or situations and the suit of Gabriel corresponds with passion cards. The angels are letting you know that it is time. You are ready to follow your passion. There are great adventures waiting for you. Even though you may not feel ready, you have done the leg work and have prepared for this next journey in your life; you are prepared. Get out there and enjoy this next phase of life. It may also be that the Page represents a very energetic and extroverted person is on their way to you during this first week of April. This is likely someone who likes a challenge and brings optimism. It could also be you who is the charming and playful person who has gifts to share with someone else.

Peace OfferingAlong with this tarot card, I drew an oracle card from the Ascended Masters Oracle deck. Peace Offering is represented by the White Buffalo Calf Woman. The White Buffalo Calf Woman is a prophetess who appeared to the Lakota Native Americans. She presented the Lakotas with a special pipe, which you see her holding. This pipe was said to amplify the power of their prayers and bridge a connection between Heaven and Earth. As she turned to leave the tribe she turned into a buffalo of different colors signifying the unity of all races of humanity. She promised that she would return to help bring unity and peace to Earth. We can call upon the White Buffalo Calf Woman for peace and harmony in our lives. Drawing this card indicates that there will be resolution to some challenge during the first week of April. It may be that this resolution is necessary before you can begin your new journey. You will be involved in either being forgiven or you may be the one doing the forgiving. In either case there is a lot of compassion in the situation.

07 Seven of GabrielMoving on to the second week of April (9-15) the Archangel Power Tarot card is Seven of Gabriel–another passion card. See, I told you this would be a very exciting month. Only half way through it and we have two powerful passion cards. Always stand up for the things you are passionate about. If you believe in it strongly, stand up confidently and defend your actions. Sometimes you have to have courage and conviction to say no to people in power in order to look out for yourself or others. There will be an opportunity to learn much from the situation. The challenge might be internal and could be something that you are not admitting to yourself honestly. Once you recognize the situation and where your passion is, you will grow from having made a decision to stand up for your true self. Remember the truth always sets you free.

PurificationFrom the Ascended Masters Oracle deck I drew Purification and White Tara. White Tara is an aspect of the Eastern goddess Tara, who appears in different forms signified by different colors. As White Tara, she is a loving and helpful goddess who increases life expectancy and enlightenment for anyone who calls upon her. White Tara is the essence of everything that is pure within each human and all of life. She can purify anything in your life. During the second week of April it may be that there is a situation that needs purification. Perhaps your motives or intentions are not about service but arise from a place of fear or competition. Or it could be that your diet needs some purification. It is a good time to get rid of addictions and unhealthy eating. It is also a good time to add some exercise and meditation to your daily regimen if it is not already something you do regularly. Pay attention to yourself–your physical, spiritual, and emotional Selves and see if you have areas that need purification. Surround yourself with white light and see how things improve in your life. It is no coincidence that the first half of April starts with bright white light in both Ascended Masters Oracle cards.

16 Change Your LifeMoving on to week 3 (April 16-22), the Archangel Power Tarot card is from the major arcana–16-Change Your Life. Major arcana cards represent the bigger things in our lives and as the 16 card indicates, it is time to make some big changes. It is time to let go of old beliefs and ways of doing things. This may be a continuation of the Purification that occurred in week 2. When this card shows up it is a signal that now is not the time to procrastinate or doubt yourself. Go with what you know is right and make the changes you feel lead to your purpose. Through the inevitable change you will grow and evolve. Archangel Chamuel sits above the city and can see everything, including those aspects that we cannot see. He sees the bigger picture for our lives and so if we pray and ask him to show us the way, we will be guided in an exciting new direction.

FertilityAlso for week 3, from the Ascended Masters Oracle deck is Fertility. So it looks like this new direction is going to be a very fertile time. It is a good time to conceive children or new projects. The mind is fertile with new ideas that will bring abundance. It will be important to nurture yourself and take good care of your physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies. Fertility is represented by Pan, an ancient Greek deity of nature, mirth, music, and fertility. Pan fell in love with a wood Syrinx who unfortunately did not return his affection. When Pan followed her to the river the Syrinx called upon the water nymphs for help and they turned Pan into willow reeds. As Pan yelled for help, the reeds made beautiful music. When Pan later transformed to his original self, he created a musical instrument of reeds, which is today called a “panpipe.” Call upon Pan for help with fertility issues, music, or to relax and enjoy yourself.

21 The WorldFinally we come to week 4 (April 23-30). The month ends on a very high note. From the Archangel Power Tarot deck we get 21-The World. Another major arcana card, this card represents completion of a job well done. Some project or situation in life will come to a successful completion and it will be time to begin again. This means the change that takes place in week 3 may be very swift and will end or become more comfortable by the end of the month or it could be that as the change takes place in week 3, it generates a closure or completion to something else in week 4. In either case, this is a great way to end the month. It will be a time to sit back and enjoy life. Archangel Michael brings a new level of spiritual growth and evolution. Remember to express gratitude to family, friends, and the angels for their help in reaching this new level of enlightenment.

ListenFrom the Ascended Masters Oracle deck, we get Listen. It is easier to hear messages from the Divine when we are quiet and still. As we reflect on a job well done, make sure to shut out noisy stimulation. Quietly listen for messages as you focus on the breath. If you have questions, ask them mentally and then listen to the loving truth that the angels and guides speak in your heart, body, and mind. Trust your intuition and take action for the next step accordingly. It is time perhaps for a quiet retreat or vacation in nature. Listen is represented by Manjushri, a Buddhist deity of wisdom who holds a sword to cut through illusions and bring about clarity and understanding. Call upon Manjushri for help with understanding and to increase your connectedness to the Divine realm.

Wow! This is certainly shaping up to be a very exciting month. There are a lot of court cards and a couple of major arcana cards. Stay healthy in mind, body, and soul. While it is always important to remain balanced, April looks like a month where this will be very important so as not to run out of steam as the month progresses or not to get overwhelmed by all that is happening in April. As always feel free to check back and let us know how things are shaping up for you as the month progresses.

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