Fertile Ground For Life Changes

We are quickly moving through April. The third week of April began with Easter Sunday–a day of renewal and rebirth. Easter is a day of celebration whether you celebrate the Christian rising of the son of God or the pagan celebration of Eostre (Spring Equinox) and the rising of the sun. Easter/Eostre signal rebirth and the triumph of light over darkness. So let’s take a minute to reflect on what the Angels showed us for this third week of April. The two cards pulled for this week were 16–Change Your Life from the Angel Card Tarot deck and Fertility from the Ascended Masters Oracle Deck.

During this third week of April the focus of attention is on making changes. The major arcana cards represent BIG changes such as weddings, children, job changes, or relocation of homes. It is time to take that leap of faith. Archangel Chamuel can see much more than we can see and has signaled that it is ok to follow your passions and instincts. Perhaps you have been questioning some big change in your life. Well, this is the week to do it. Along with the 16–Change Your Life tarot card is the oracle card of Pan and Fertility. The soil is fertile for planting seeds; the seeds that lead to the desires of your heart. This can mean a new baby or a new project, both leading to a very new life. This is a very fertile week for everyone. Don’t hesitate or delay the call to follow your dreams and change your life. If you have been contemplating changes, put your metaphorical wings on and jump off that cliff. It is time to stop standing on the sidelines wishing and hoping. You have a few days left in this week to make progress toward a life you create that brings much love and joy to you and therefore much love and joy to the world.

Also, passover ended on Monday with the Sedar shared by many Jews throughout the world celebrating the exodus from Egypt and recounting stories of the harsh life of slavery. The Sun entered Taurus on Tuesday and this means it it time to enjoy earthly pleasures and nurture ourselves as we move forward with our big plans. Finally, Friday is Earth Day. Earth Day is a U.S. holiday that arose out of the 70s after the massive Santa Barbara oil spill in early 1969. With the advent of the Internet and globalization, Earth Day 2000 marked the first of a global holiday where people all over the world engaged in activities that help to protect and nurture the environment. Celebrated by over 2 billion people globally Earth Day is now the largest secular observance in the world with the sole idea of protecting this world we live in. This is all fitting since the tarot card for April (pulled from the Annual 2017 reading) is the King of Earth.  The King of Earth is an environmentalist here to protect the Earth and share with those less fortunate than ourselves.

Have a great rest of the week everyone!

Professor V

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