Ending Big & Listening for What’s Next

We are in our last week of April and this busy month is going out big. As a reminder, the cards for the last week of April (April 23-30) were 21–The World from the Archangel Power Tarot deck and Listen from the Ascended Masters Oracle deck. The major arcana card signals the end or completion of something big. Perhaps the move is final and now you can begin setting up house in your new residence. Or you may have ended a dead end job and now you are listening for signs of the new job. Closure takes place this week and Archangel Michael is ready to bring a new level of spiritual growth and evolution. Remember to always be grateful for the lessons learned and for those who have been placed on your path to help you with the lessons. Manjushri is a Buddhist deity who is here to help us cut through illusions and bring about clarity. If you are unsure of the next steps to take, call upon Manjushri and then remember to be still and quiet so that you can hear the divine guidance you are led to.

Yesterday we started a new moon and that means it is time to manifest. The Universe is always working in perfect divine order. Express gratitude for what was, listen to what is next, and then manifest baby. Manifest your heart’s desire.

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