Angel Tarot for May 2017

Congratulations to everyone who survived the busy month of April. According to the angels it was a time of change and confidence. As we look to May, this theme of change and confidence continues. I will start with a reminder of the card pulled for May in the Angel Tarot Reading for 2017. Then I have pulled 10 cards for the month of May, which includes 2 cards for each week with 4 full weeks and one partial week. I used two tarot decks this month. The first is the Angel Tarot deck and the second is the Fairy Tarot deck. I felt called to include the fairies since they represent the environment and with spring in bloom and summer close by this felt a natural deck to use. So let’s get started; we have a lot to cover.

09-nine-of-fireIn the Angel Tarot Reading for 2017 the card for May is Nine of Fire. This is the second nine for the year (we had the Nine of Water in March) and as a reminder 9’s can represent extremes. The suit of fire represents ideas and inspirations we are passionate about. Fire cards correspond to creativity, adventure, risk taking and self-development. In May there may be a situation where we must protect what we have created. May is a time to be brave and courageous. Be proud of and willing to protect your accomplishments. That which has been manifested through dreams, intuition, and hard work must be protected whether it be money, as indicated in the pot of gold or metaphorically as something else we are passionate about and value highly.

13 Queen of Fire 06 Six of Summer

Now we move on to the individual weeks of May. For the first week of May (May 1-6) the card from Angel Tarot is Queen of Fire. Yes, this is a month to be aware of passions and we start it with the queen of passion herself. Remember court cards can represent either situations or people. Be aware of people, including yourself, who are confident and who have magnetic personalities. These are people who seem capable of anything. They are active and always appear at ease. Just look how confident the angel looks here. If it is a situation you may find yourself in a position where you need to move outside of your comfort zone and stretch your abilities a little. The angels bring you this card to squash any fears you have about not being ready. You are ready. Be assertive with your creativity and share your ideas.

The other card for this week is the Six of Summer. The suit of summer in Fairy Tarot equates to the suit of cups in traditional tarot and the water element or emotions. So while you are being confident in this first week, also be aware of wonder, joy and amazing moments. The Six of Summer card reminds us to stay positive and remember that sense of awe and wonder we had as children. The two fairies in the card are remembering and sharing stories. These may have happened in previous lifetimes or just moments ago. The Six of Summer can also lead us to contact old friends or family members we have not kept in touch with. Be careful to not get lost in past emotions, but be aware of memories as they come. If you don’t understand why a memory comes to you, just ask the angels for more clarification and guidance. You might also be aware that on May 3rd Mercury turns direct and life and our technological devices should all be functioning optimally once again.

04 Four of Earth 08-eight-of-summer

Now we move on to week 2 of May (May 7-13). From the Angel Tarot we get Four of Earth. In Angel Tarot, the Earth suit is depicted by fairies. Fairies are connected to earth and have magical manifesting abilities. Earth cards are about everyday life in our material world, including how we manage our money. This can be a signal to be aware of extremes. During week 2 be mindful of your spending and business deals, but also of how much you share and give to others. Balance is key here. We have a full moon on the 10th so make sure you are still focusing on manifesting your desires until the 10th. From the full moon to the new moon, we focus on releasing anything that does not feed our soul, our purpose, or our dreams.

From the Fairy Tarot we get another summer card–Eight of Summer. This card goes hand-in-hand with the Four of Earth. You may be experiencing the desire for a life with more meaning and purpose. It might be time to try something different. You might be called to save your money so that you can leave a situation, person, or geography that no longer feeds your soul.  It will be a decision that you make on your own even though it may feel as though it is being pushed upon you. It might also be seen as a relief. The key is that you will know it is right when you recognize that you are the one making the decision. Now this doesn’t mean that it will all happen in week 2. It might take some time. For example, you might make the decision to leave a dead-end job in week 2 but it will take longer to save up and find a new job before you can leave the old one.

05 Unity 01 Ace of Winter

For the third week of May (May 14-20) we have a major arcana card: 5-Unity. Unlike the Earth cards which represent our everyday tasks, major arcana cards often represent the larger things in life. Archangel Sandalphon and the Unity card remind us that we need others. It is time to expand our circle of friends, which can be accomplished by joining clubs or taking classes, or just getting out more. It could be time to find friends who will help with the change initiated in the previous week (Eight of Summer). We need support from others, which can also be through mentors or experts. Notice all of the bubbles with the different religious symbols surrounding Archangel Sandalphon? Whatever your support group or faith, call upon others to help you get through this change.

From the Fairy Tarot we have Ace of Winter. The suit of winter in Fairy Tarot equates with the suit of swords in traditional tarot and the element of air or intellect. The fairy is focused and clear about the magical ideas that surround her. There may be challenges along the way but don’t use them as excuses to avoid the change you are drawn to. The fairies remind you that your plans are protected and your intentions are right. Again, we see the advice from the Queen of Fire come in handy; we must have confidence. Trust that you are divinely guided and the ideas that come to you are divinely protected. You know what you need to do, so have faith and confidence and know that it will work in your favor. Be sure to communicate clearly with others and always speak your truth.

09 Nine of Earth 07 Seven of Spring

We come next to the fourth week of May (May 21-27). From Angel Tarot we get the Nine of Earth. Another Earth card grounded in the material world where we deal with making a living, caring for our bodies, and protecting the environment. The Nine of Earth shows a fairy enjoying life’s little moments in nature. By week 4 we may need a respite and can find balance in nature. Take time to enjoy some little luxury in week 4. You might want to take a day trip to the mountains or the beach. You could also spend the day shopping, getting a pedicure or a massage, or go for a picnic at the park. Other things that could happen in week 4 include unexpected income, enjoying time with pets or other animals, and home improvement.

From the Fairy tarot we find Seven of Spring. The spring suit in Fairy Tarot is represented by the wands suit in traditional tarot and the element of fire or passion. The fairy on this card is similar to the Queen of Fire, she is very courageous and confident. The Seven of Spring is a sign to not back down from your choices or decisions. You have been divinely guided to follow your passion and pursue your dreams; do not let anyone try to talk you out of your beliefs and opinions. With that said, you might also pay attention to everything that is happening around you and see what you can learn from the situation because all of life holds some lesson. Be assertive and confident. If you feel drawn to protect the environment (and the fairies love this) then you might consider donating time or money to your favorite charities. As you practice your confidence and courage, you will gain spiritual strength to continue your journey. On may 25th we have a new moon and start manifesting some of those desires and changes we wish to see fulfilled.

09-nine-of-water 14 King of Autumn

The last week of May is a partial week (May 28-31). From Angel Tarot the card is Nine of Water. What a great way to end May. Your wishes come true! If you have been manifesting change in your life, you will start to see progress and your efforts will be rewarded before the month is over. The water suit represents emotions. Your desires for love, pleasure, and freedom will materialize in week 4. It may be that the pursuit of your dreams has been challenging as you turn away from those who try to discourage you and toward those who support you. By week 4 everything will start to smooth out and you will be feeling much more confident in your choices.

From the Fairy Tarot we have King of Autumn. The Autumn suit in Fairy Tarot equates with the suit of coins in traditional tarot and the element of earth. The King is king of entrepreneurial endeavors. He has followed the gold so much that he has turned into gold! The grapes above his head symbolize his abundance and the german shepherd at his side reflects his ability to safeguard his prosperity. His mission now is to save the earth. Look for people who are good to have in your business. You want people like the king who can manage people, who are charismatic and who are environmentalists. If the court card represents a situation for you it might be that it is time to enjoy luxuries in life. The King of Autumn card is a reminder to continue fighting for what is right, tend to business, be generous with others and you will have a thriving career.

So for the month of May we have 3 earth cards, 3 fire cards, and 3 water cards, 3 suits. Also, week 3 is the only week in May that does not contain at least one earth, fire or water card. 3333-3. In numerology 3’s represent the trilogy. Threes are an indication that we are completely surrounded, protected, loved, and guided by the Holy Trinity. May is looking good. The main theme is to be confident, be courageous, and know your ideas are divinely protected and you are divinely guided to them. Have a good month everybody.

Prof V.

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