Tradition, Focus, Confidence, and Courage

We are now halfway through the month of May. Last week was a very busy week with the full moon on Wednesday and then Mother’s Day on Sunday. You may recall from the Monthly Reading for May that three of the four weeks in May focus on earthly concerns and passions. This third week of May is the one week that was different. This week of May we have a major arcana card (Unity) from Angel Tarot, and from the Fairy Tarot deck we have Ace of Winter.

05 UnityIn traditional tarot the 5 card is often represented by the Hierophant and in older decks it is the Pope. In Angel tarot we get Archangel Sandalphon and the card is called Unity. In traditional tarot the symbolism is one of a high religious figure. In Angel tarot Archangel Sandalphon is surrounded by seven orbs, each with a religious symbol within. The Unity card represents tradition and values of established social institutions. We may be called this week to follow tradition or establish new traditions of our own. This could be returning to church or finding a new spiritual family. Be aware of groups and clubs that you find yourself drawn to. It could be shared values and beliefs that resonate with our own. This is a calling to join or get back to tradition. If on the other hand we feel we are a part of a group where the values and beliefs no longer feel true to us, it may be time to leave that tradition and start our own. If you are unsure, seek out mentors who can serve to help bridge where you are now and where you want to be. Archangel Sandalphon is patiently waiting to assist and answer questions.

01 Ace of WinterFrom Fairy tarot, the Ace of Winter represents intellect and consciousness. The suit of Winter is equated with the suit of Swords in traditional tarot and is believed by some to be the most powerful suit. It represents action, change, ambition, courage, and confidence. Like the fairy in the Ace of Winter, this is a time of focus. Do not be persuaded by shiny things that take you off of the path leading to your purpose, your goals. There may be challenges that have to be overcome but with confidence and courage, challenges can be overcome. If we stay true to ourselves and our purpose, knowing that we are divinely guided and protected, we all can serve a higher purpose here on Earth.

Remember that the time between the full moon and the new moon is a time of release. If you need to release an old tradition, this is the time to let it go. If you need to release a mentor you have perhaps outgrown, now is the time to look for a new one–someone who can help you progress to your next level of consciousness. Release people who are energy vampires. Release people who do not share your goal and life purpose. Surround yourself with people who share your beliefs and values; people who want the best for you and who celebrate your triumphs. Have a good week everybody.

Professor Van Ry

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