09 Nine of EarthAs we enter this third week of May it is a good time to remember balance. This has been a busy month so far and we are not finished with May yet. In the Monthly reading, the Angel Tarot card for the fourth week of May was the Nine of Earth. Remember the suit of Earth in Angel Tarot is represented by fairies. So we see a fairy in the middle of a patch of luxurious green grass. She is surrounded by flowers and trees with flowing water and tall mountains behind her. Fairies like the environment. An important part of staying grounded is to stay connected with Mother Earth. As you are out in the world following your passion and living your purpose, be mindful of balance. Take time to be kind to yourself. Staying grounded can mean walking barefoot on the grass or at the beach. Feel the power of Mother Earth as she moves up toward your solar plexus. This is the chakra where we are grounded not only with nature but with our higher power. Notice how you feel when you spend time in nature. Do you become more confident? Is your self-esteem improved? Take time to not just look at the flowers and the trees, but smell the aroma, touch a tree and feel how the roots go deep down into the earth. Look up and notice how the branches dance with the wind and reach up toward the heavens. Nature is home. When we spend time in nature we are essentially coming home. It is good to go home periodically to stay balanced. It is where we eat nourishing comfort food, where we feel safe and find we are able to relax. We may smile more, laugh out loud, and sleep better.

Take time this week to balance your life with some little luxury. Your work in the world is important and we don’t want for anyone to get burned out before your purpose is fulfilled; before your song is sung. Turn off the computer and the tv, silence the cell phone and do something just for you. Taking care of yourself is not selfish, it is self love. You cannot be of service to others if you are drained and exhausted. Take a nap in the middle of the day! Enjoy touch on your skin as you get a pedicure or a massage. Take time for you this week. Be well.

We have a new moon on Thursday, May 25. New moons signify the beginning of a new 28-day lunar cycle. New moons are signs of new beginnings. This is why we focus on manifestation between the new moon and the full moon. What is it you wish to begin? A new career? A new home? A new relationship? These are all certainly possible, but remember that before you can receive, you must release the old. Make sure you have done your work to release any cords to the old career, home, or relationship. If you wish to manifest money, by all means do so. Just be sure you have cut any cords to poverty. These old cords can be from this lifetime or past lives. To cut cords you can ask Archangel Michael to help you with his sword of light. See yourself releasing anything you need to release before Thursday so that when the Super New Moon arrives, you are ready to step into change.

Another important date on the lunar calendar is the beginning of Ramadan on Saturday, May 27. Ramadan is practiced by Muslims around the world. It is similar to the Catholic practice of lent. Ramadan is marked by fasting from dawn to sunset and is a time to focus more on benevolence and prayer. Muslims believe the first verses of the Quran, Islam’s holy book, were revealed to the Prophet Muhammad during Ramadan. Be kind to others and yourself as you work through the rest of this fourth week of May.

Professor V.

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