Angel Tarot for the Month of June 2017

Each month before I pull cards for the month, I get centered, comfortable, and then pray. I pray to know which deck(s) to use and how many cards to draw (some months have 4 and others have 5). Then I pray for cards that reflect what we (the royal we) need to know in order to grow and live our purpose. It is different for each individual but here’s the thing. I believe in the law of attraction and the energy we hold attracts the cards we need. This is a fundamental truth of tarot and oracle cards. The angels, Spirit, God, and other ascended masters are all here to show us truth with integrity. Our task is to believe that the messages are divinely here to help us learn and grow toward our purpose. This month I “knew” I would be drawing cards from the Magical Messages From the Fairies deck. I heard that I also must use two tarot decks–Angel Tarot and Fairy Tarot. Three decks mean more for me to share with my readers but it also means more clarity for each week. So let’s get started. I was guided to draw 4 cards for the month of June and the dates are as follows:

For the first week of June (June 1-10) we have the following cards:

The Patience card from the Magical Messages from the Fairies oracle deck indicates that our prayers will be answered but we must have patience. This is a card of reassurance to not give up hope and think that we have been forgotten. Prayers are always heard and answered. They may not be answered in our “perfect” time, but they are answered in God’s perfect time. The fairies are working behind the scenes and we need to trust and have faith that things are moving in the right direction. Keep the faith, stay positive, and keep affirming. Don’t give up and move a different direction. The Ace of Autumn card from the Fairy Tarot deck affirms that wonderful news is on its way! A windfall of resources will soon be here to help us achieve our goals. The fairies bring gifts of abundance whether those gifts are financial, romantic, physical health, wise counsel or help in other ways; abundance is coming. Make a plan for how you can best utilize this new gift of abundance. In the meantime make sure to practice gratitude for what we have and share with others. Finally the 12-Awakening card from Angel Tarot is a major arcana indicating that this prayer of abundance will be big. This card asks us to look at things from a different perspective. Even though it may feel like things have come to a standstill and we are in limbo, know that this is temporary. We may just need to take a different perspective. Make good use of the time while waiting for the windfall by taking time to prepare and generate a plan; rethink strategies. Don’t be afraid to step outside of the norm and embrace the eclectic. Be generous with time and attention. Remember what you put out comes back tenfold. Be patient.

For the second week of June (June 11-17) we have the following:

The Business Venture card from the Magical Messages from the Fairies oracle deck indicates we will be seeking some type of a career change. Don’t panic. If you are comfortable in your current career, it may be that you will revise something that you do within your career or you might change departments. Trust your intuition and know that the change is for your highest and greatest good. When you receive the offer for a new job or a promotion or even a different career opportunity, take time and meditate on the proposal. Make sure it is a part of your soul’s purpose because there may be several offers coming. Know that you will be successful in your business venture. If you have ideas for a new business venture, write them down. Your career is approaching a healthy change. The Six of Winter from Fairy Tarot affirms that positive changes are on the way! Challenging times are fading and making way for bigger and better things. Leave your troubles behind and set sail on a new course. Travel may be in the cards for you. Opportunities to move or relocate should be looked at without fear and trepidation. Life is moving forward. The Six of Air from Angel Tarot is yet more affirmation that things are looking up and the worst is behind. There is light at the end of the tunnel and stress and strain will fade from life. The winds are blowing and it is a favorable wind. This is a good week to make changes. A trip may be warranted as we leave behind depression, illness, or conflict. Let go and move on!

For the third week of June (June 18-24) we have the following:

The Easy Does It card from the Magical Messages from the Fairies oracle deck is a reminder to stop working so hard trying to force something to happen. Ride the waves like the dolphins. Relax and go with the flow. Be aware of anything you might be trying to force or make happen. When we try to force things, there is likely some fear that triggers the belief that we must make something happen. Stop. Just stop. This creates barriers and blocks that will prevent you from realizing your abundance. A good remedy is to spend time in nature. Nature is a great place to relax and get grounded. Spending time in water is also very good to release. Go swimming if you can or just put your feet in the river or lake if can’t go swimming. Let go of the situation and watch how quickly everything you desire happens. The 3-The Empress from the Fairy Tarot is about creativity. Perhaps you are trying to force some creative act. Stop. Don’t force it, let it flow. Stop worrying about the details and get to the business of creating. You have done great work getting ready and sorting out what you want to accomplish, now create and know that you will be a success. If by chance there is some small detail missing from your planning stages, know that it will reveal itself as you work to create. Creation can be children, art, work projects, home modifications, or even travel. Don’t overplan the trip; enjoy the scenery. This is the beginning of an exciting new trip or endeavour. The Five of Water from Fairy Tarot is a little different but still related to the week. Things may not work out the way we planned but be careful to focus on the positive and not dwell on the negative. If change in your plans occur, trust that it is for the best. Don’t miss the silver lining by focusing on the rain clouds. Trying to ignore change will not make it go away. Instead, have faith that you are divinely guided and on the right path. If tragedy has occurred, take time to be with family and friends–the silver lining. Know that you are not alone. My motto is that every prayer starts with gratitude. Be grateful first, then pray for what you need or want.

For the last week of June (June 25-30) we have the following:

The Winter card from the Magical Messages From the Fairies oracle deck tells us that our prayers will be answered or realized in the winter months. Desires are realized in the winter. In the meantime we can continue working toward our goals and follow intuitive guidance and rest up. Take this time to connect with family and friends. Complete projects. Respect the body’s needs. The card can also indicate that we will be moving toward a cooler climate or we are planning a winter holiday. The Four of Winter from the Fairy Tarot deck is more confirmation about winter. In the winter time we rest more and quiet our mind. It looks like the last week in June is also a good time to do this. When we get quiet, those plans we were stuck on suddenly seem to make sense. We have great Ah ha moments. If you are faced with some challenge this week take time to quiet the mind. Focus on something else or spend time in nature. The fairies love nature; they are nature angels. Make sure you are getting good sleep and eating healthy. Rest and rejuvenate so that when you are awake and moving you are productive and filled with optimism. If you have been ill, this is a good time to rest; don’t try to rush the healing process. Finally, the Queen of Air from Angel Tarot reminds us that we need to be thinking clearly right now. Our clear decision-making abilities are needed right now. We need to be able to see through any hidden agendas that others may have and this includes those that the Ego may have. We may be drawn to someone who has great insight or someone who can provide a different perspective. This might be someone who is not as invested as we are; someone who can help without judgment.

Wow. I am late with this post but it was a big one. I hope you all see how drawing more cards provides clearer answers or affirms the message. If you find you are having trouble understanding messages with one card, try adding an additional deck for more clarity. As always, if this resonates with you, please share with a friend and comment below.

Prof. V.

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