Harmony in Week 2 of June

As we move through this second week of June, we need to be aware of where we put our energy. As a reminder from the monthly reading, the cards for this week were:

This is a good week for business ventures as indicated with the Magical Messages from the Fairies oracle deck. There may be many opportunities for new business opportunities so don’t jump at the first one. Meditate on your response and be sure that the opportunity is a reflection of your soul’s purpose. This week there are also two 6 cards. The pip cards (those numbered 1-10) have a common thread regardless of the deck they are drawn from. Sixes represent harmony, joy, contentment or relief. In context, the sixes come after fives and fives represent challenges. So this week we see two sixes indicating that whatever challenges we may have had, we have done well and now it is time to find peace and relax. There is an inherent desire to reflect on the past and the challenges we have come through. However, be careful not to romanticize the past (make it seem better than it really was) or make it seem worse than it may have actually been. Acknowledge the past and focus on the present feelings of satisfaction and joy. This is really important because both Air (in Angel Tarot) and Winter (in Fairy Tarot) represent the intellect. There is a tendency to get stuck in the mind. The Six of Winter indicates we may be traveling or relocating. Be open-minded to any opportunities that arise this week involving travel. Just like the fairy, we are moving forward. Note the unicorn in the boat of Angel Tarot is also moving forward to favorable waters.

The full moon last Friday signaled release. As you release past challenges you make way for a more favorable future. Continue to release and embrace change. Have a good rest of the week everybody and as always if you are moved by this post please share it with a friend, follow this blog, or leave a comment. 

Prof V.

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