Angel Tarot for July 2017

I sat down quietly with candle and crystals and prayed to be shown what the Divine would like for us to know about the coming month of July. I was drawn to the Angel Tarot deck and the Guardian Angel Tarot deck this month. I sense that it could be a bit of a tumultuous month and the Guardian Angel Tarot cards offer a softer version of the lessons in tarot. First, let’s look back at the Yearly Reading for 2017 and remind ourselves of what was pulled for the month of July.

09 Nine of AirFor July the card is the Nine of Air. We must be careful where we place our thoughts. We are very powerful beings and can create self-fulfilling prophesies. Remember to focus on what you want and not what you fear. You can see there are eight unicorns sleeping while the one unicorn appears to be standing guard and watching over the others. This symbolizes fear. The one unicorn awake is fearful something bad will happen and so is watching guard over the others. Fear can lead to sleeplessness, insomnia, unhappy dreams or illness, all caused by stress. Think happy thoughts. As the third nine card of the year, the angels are reminding us that we are in control of our lives. We can get caught up in extremes between optimism and pessimism. Make sure you focus your thoughts on what you want and not what you do not want or what you fear.

11 StrengthNow onto the weekly reading. I was guided to draw 4 cards for each of the 4 weeks of July (see dates below). So starting with the first week of July (July 1-8) there are two major arcana cards. First from the Angel Tarot deck is 11-Strength. The Strength card is about following dreams and manifestation. With a firm resolve and a compassionate heart, we all can be strong and follow our passion and purpose. This can include clearing the way with forgiveness (of others or ourselves) and losing judgment. The tiger is one of the most powerful of all animals and we see the how Archangel Ariel has used kindness rather than brute force to gain cooperation from the tiger. This is a different kind of strength and one that can require patience.


05 Embrace Those Around YouAlso, for the first week of July we have from the Guardian Angel Tarot deck, 5-Embrace Those Around You. This equates to the Unity card in Angel Tarot or the Hierophant in Traditional Tarot. It is a time to unite with and find comfort from your support system. This first week is a good time to surround yourself with family and friends who share your beliefs and want to see you happy and prosperous. It may also be a good time to add new friends who share similar beliefs. The idea is that this support system will help you to grow spiritually and emotionally. This card affirms the message of kindness and compassion found in the 11-Strength card. The card is a duality card and this means that if you are going about a project in a very traditional way, then perhaps you need to step outside the box and get more creative. However, if you are an eclectic and things aren’t happening for you, then it may indicate a time to be more traditional.

09-nine-of-waterMoving on to the second week of July (July 9-15) we have first, from Angel Tarot the Nine of Water. Water cards equate with summer and emotions and are found in the suit of Cups from Traditional Tarot. This is an appropriate card for the middle of summer. According to Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine the Nine of Water card has the nickname, “wish-comes-true card.” This is a card of joy signifying that our dreams are coming to fruition. We will soon have much to be grateful for. The nine cups in the water have jewels in them but our happiness can come from other things as well–love, health, careers, or however you define an abundant life. Good fortune comes from the Universe and there is no limit and no lack.


06 Open Your HeartFrom the Guardian Angel Tarot deck we have another major arcana card, 6-Open Your Heart. This card equates with The Lovers card in Angel Tarot and Traditional Tarot. This affirms the joy that is on it’s way. Be mindful of freewill and choice. If you are faced with an important decision in week 2 of July, make sure to look deeply into your emotions for the answer. Note, the Water card above is emotions. While it is important to listen to both your heart and mind, this card is a reminder to pay attention to what the heart says in the matter. If it is right, you will feel strongly about it. This card can pertain to lovers, friends, or other intimate relations as well as the intimate relationship we have with self and our higher power.

Also important for the second week of July is that the week starts with a full moon on Sunday, July 9. Full moons signal a time of release. Release relationships that no longer serve you. Release worries and fears. If you need help you can always ask the angels for help.

04 Four of WaterMoving on to the third week in July (July 16-22) from Angel Tarot we find Four of Water, another emotion card. The Four of Water is not as joyous as the nine. Remember tarot moves as a story from the ace to the king. Here we go backwards and are reminded that we might be missing some important message. Perhaps we are not staying focused or we were given a gift from heaven but dismissed it, not seeing the true value. It is a time to reconsider. See how the mermaid is so focused on the three small cups in front of her that she is missing the large cup (bigger picture)  right at her side. Also, the symbolism of the three cups are in the background (past) and the large cup is in the foreground (the present or future). Be open to all possibilities. It reminds me of the saying to “be careful what you ask for because you just might get it.” Make sure you are asking for what you really want.

12 Helper of AbundanceFrom the Guardian Angel Tarot we find the Helper of Abundance. The suit of Abundance in the Guardian Angel Tarot represent Coins in Traditional Tarot or Earth cards in Angel Tarot. This is a reminder to stay grounded in the here and now; the everyday stuff. The Helper is a court card and equates to the Knight cards. Court cards can focus on situations or people. Knights are focused on getting things done. This might signify someone who is loving, kind, and loyal; a person who can accomplish great things in a swift manner. Or it may be a situation that requires careful planning in order to execute perfectly. Keep in mind that planning is not procrastinating. Your guardian angels are standing by to offer assistance should you need it.

04 Four of EarthNow we come to the last week of July (July 23-31). In Angel Tarot we have the Four of Earth, another 4-card. Fours can represent a solid foundation like the four legs of a table. This could be a very solid month with structure, planning, balance, and discipline. The Four of Earth is also another duality card meaning that we are either spending too much money, time or effort OR we are not spending enough. Either scenario results in missing out on important opportunities. Perhaps you are giving too much of yourself or you are not sharing yourself enough with others. The two fairies in the picture represent the extremes, one large and one small. Which extreme you may lean toward depends on which fairy you notice first.


09 Nine of ActionFrom the Guardian Angel Tarot deck we get the Nine of Action. The Action suit equates to the Fire suit in Angel Tarot and the Wands suit in Traditional Tarot. This is the third nine for the month of July. You will note from above that the nine for July also represents the third nine for 2017. Nines represent extremes and the suit represents passion, creativity, and inspiration. The Nine of Action reminds us that we have created wonderful things in this world for ourselves and others. We have great friendships and accomplishments. It is important to protect these. Remember that we do not do this alone, our guardian angels are always watching over us waiting for us to ask for guidance or assistance. Mother Earth also needs our assistance. We will need physical and emotional strength to finish the month of July.

Also important for this fourth week of July is that it starts with a New Moon on Sunday, July 23. New moons are a time to focus on manifesting. Focus only on what you want to manifest. Be careful about extremes. Focus on manifesting loving relationships and abundance for yourself, others, and the Earth.

We had some repeating numbers in this month’s reading. In numerology 3’s represent the Ascended Masters are near. If you feel called to ask for help, know that the ascended masters are there to offer help, love, and companionship. Also, we had 9’s which represent completion. These cards were explained in the reading. Finally, we had two 4’s, which means the angels are offering love and support as well. This tells me that we have help in July if we only remember to ask. We have lots of messengers from God–Angels, Archangels, and Ascended Masters all ready to offer assistance.

So there you have it. It looks like it will be a month of extremes. I can see now why I was drawn to the Guardian Angel Tarot deck. Extremes sounds frightening and exhilarating at the same time. However, it looks like an important lesson for this month will be balance. Focus is equally important as we focus more on what we want and less on what we don’t want or what we fear. Be kind, compassionate, and forgiving so that you can more fully enJOY the joy that July brings. As always, if you enjoyed this post, please share with a friend or comment below. 😇

–Veronica Lynne

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