Full Buck Moon in July 2017

Depending on where you live in the world, some will see the full Buck moon tonight, July 8 and others will see it on July 9. Either way, this is a powerful weekend.The moon is the closest planet to Earth and this means we are more easily influenced by her gravitational pull more than any other planet. Women have known of and been influenced by the power of the moon since the dawn of civilization. Women cycle with the moon, shedding the old and manifesting new life. But these cycles are important for everyone regardless of gender. July has a full moon in Capricorn. Astrologers have indicated that this Full Buck Moon could signal an intense, challenging, powerful, and satisfying time for us all. Feelings of responsibility could be moved to the forefront. It is a time to be practical and logical. This can be particularly challenging for highly sensitive people, and empaths. It is a time to be less sensitive and focus more on earthly concerns like our occupations and professions. This full moon requires us to look at the details.

I pulled a card just for the full Buck moon. The high-priestess Dana popped up. Dana is an ancient Celtic goddess. This card signals a time of teaching and sharing. Perhaps you have felt for some time that you have gifts to share with the world, but have not given this idea proper attention? Now is a time to focus on those gifts. Find practical ways to share what you know with others. We are all teachers and learners. You can teach others through workshops, classes, writing books or articles, or being a role model for others. Honor your gifts and step up to lead others. This might require shedding old beliefs and values that you have held onto without question, particularly since full moons signal release. Evaluate, contemplate, and meditate on what it is you want to share with the world and what you may need to release in order to make that happen. Then pay attention to the first thoughts that come into your mind. Notice how your body feels when you ask about sharing your knowledge and gifts. When it is right, you may, as I often do, find yourself smiling and feeling light and tingly all over. This is a sign from the Divine that you are on the right track. Follow it. If you feel tense and uncomfortable, it may be you have some releasing to do. Like the 9 of Water card pulled from Angel Tarot for the second week of July, this could be a time for your wishes to come true. Follow your dreams and turn them into plans.

As always, be sure to put your crystals and cards in the moonlight to be charged by Mother Moon. Ask that she bless your divination tools so that they may provide accurate messages and bring blessings to everyone involved. You can also leave a jar of water in the moonlight and then later drink that water to feel the moon’s energy within you.

Veronica Lynne

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