Staying Focused and In The Present

Hello Intuitive, Empaths, Highly Sensitive Folks, and The Curious–

As we begin the third week of July, I want to share a little bit of how the cards have been working for me this month and then remind everyone of the cards for the coming week. First, let’s see where we’ve come from. The first week of July was about having strength to follow your dreams/your passions and to surround yourself with those who support your path. Personally, this was evident in my life as I shared my dreams of an eclectic life with friends who have been not only supportive but have also shared in my excitement. (There is more here, but I will save that for a different post). This has given me a confidence (strength) that encourages me to continue to pursue my dreams.

Then we had the second week of July (last week) where we were told “wishes will come true” and our heart’s desire will bring us joy. While this manifestation may have been obvious to some, it was not really clear to me. However, I do trust the law of attraction and I know that sometimes the lessons or messages become clearer later. After I reflected on these cards at the end of the week, I came to realize that my desire to manifest a new life will come true. The Nine of Water card affirms that it will happen. That is a good thing because it will lead to fulfilling my heart’s desire and bring me much joy. The Open Your Heart card is about intimate relationships. At the beginning of this second week, I experienced decisions I had to make regarding those I love. I need to feel supported (see week 1) in following my dreams and I have loved ones who don’t support me. As challenging as it may be, I need to distance myself from the naysayers so that I can follow my passion and purpose in life. My mantra this past week has been, “I’m a grown-ass lady and I do what I want” courtesy of Emily McDowell. I have this magnet and it is has been a good reminder to not get bogged down in the negative and keep my thoughts positive because I am constantly manifesting and I only want to manifest positive things. The week was not as joyous as I had anticipated but then sometimes the angels bring us messages from the Divine to remind us that we are loved and supported and to not give up.

So that brings us to the third week of July. This week the cards remind us to stay focused and in the present. By staying grounded and planning carefully, things will all work out and abundance will come our way. I can already see the message in this for me. I have a situation coming at the end of the month and it is related to a past issue with some folks in my life (see week 2). So here’s the thing, I am being guided by the angels to stay focused and in the present and that is exactly what I will do. I am aware of what is coming in the future and I am aware of issues in the past. However, the future is not here and the past is gone. All I really have is today, right now, this present moment. That’s all any of us ever really has. Right now, today, at this moment I am abundant. I have a bed to lay my head on at the end of the day, I have food to eat, my bills are paid, AND, I’m driving the truck of my dreams; the truck that is step 1 of my future life. It is important to point out that I am not sticking my head in the sand and ignoring things that will eventually come to fruition. Instead, I am aware and I work on these but I do not invest huge amounts of time or energy worrying about the future or getting depressed about the past. In this way, I am expressing gratitude for the abundant life that I have and that sends a message to the Universe that I want more of this abundant life.

That is my month so far. I would love to hear how the cards have come to fruition in your lives, particularly since we all are living different paths as unique expressions of the Creator. I love to see how the same cards have unique meanings for everyone.  As always, if you enjoyed this post, please share with someone.

Veronica Lynne

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