Losing Grandparents

I remember and miss my grandma and grandpa nearly every day. I am grateful and feel fortunate I was able to spend time with my grandparents. We were estranged from the grandparents on my father’s side of the family but we spent lots of time with my maternal grandparents. I remember as a little girl, my grandpa would grab us and then say he was “counting our ribs” as he tickled us. I remember the smile on his face as he listened to us giggle and laugh. Honestly, is there anything more special than the sound of a child laughing? It is infectious. My grandpa was a truck driver so he was not around a lot, but when he was, we enjoyed being in his company. We often stayed holidays and summers with my grandma. She would cook the foods we liked and listen to anything we wanted to share with her. Grandma didn’t drive but since she lived close to town, I remember walks to town where she would allow each of us to pick out one small thing that we wanted. I remember standing over the floor heater as my sister and I let our nightgowns fill with warm air. We would then try to close the gown at our ankles and run to the sofa all toasty to watch tv. Mostly I remember the love I felt around grandma and the way I was able to talk to her about my heart’s desires. She was the keeper of secrets and the giver of hugs. I miss my grandma.

This past week was a challenging one for my “family.” Two grandmas made their transition. They both were struggling in this life and for many, it was seen as a blessing for them each to move on to the next exciting stage in their spiritual growth. However, even when we expect death and we know the deceased is better off, it can be challenging. It is difficult for us because we are the ones left behind to mourn. We are left trying to move on in life without their presence. My grandma has been gone for ten years and still, my mom will tell me she has moments when she wants to call her and ask about something, or something happens in her day and she wants to call grandma and tell her about it.

So I did not know either grandma very well. I knew them through their grandchildren. I feel for the grandchildren who lost their grandmas. Last night I was drawn to talk with these awesome grandmothers and ask them if they had any messages for their grandchildren. I feel so honored to be able to connect with the recently departed. I have no ambition to have long conversations with the deceased, however, I have noticed a calling to reach out to the recently departed for messages to loved ones. In the quiet space, I felt so much love and saw so many smiles. Afterward, I sent the messages to each grandchild and feel they found some comfort in the messages. It will continue to be a struggle, especially these next few weeks and then trying to get through the first holidays without them.

I believe we are all connected and this can be a huge blessing for us all. I believe we are all created by the Creator; from the one source of all love. As such, we are all connected to one another and share that love. The biggest lie of humanity is that there is a separation between us and the Creator or between us and one another. The bible says, “Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me” (Matthew 25:40). Be kind to one another. You never know where a person has come from or what they might be going through. Sometimes a smile can bring a lot of comfort to someone who is feeling challenged or going through a difficult time.

Have a great week everybody and remember we are manifesting the lives we want. The new moon today signals a time for manifesting. Be mindful of your choices and choose not just from the intellect (your mind) but listen to your body as well. Do the research and then pay attention to how your body feels about the decision.

Love and blessings,
Veronica Lynne

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