Angel Tarot for August 2017

Wow. Is it really August already? I have been so busy lately and experiencing all kinds of strange stuff. In talking with others, there is something cosmic going on in the world right now. I would love to hear how you have been affected the last couple of weeks. Are you experiencing strange things as well?

As I sat quietly and prayed, I was guided to draw cards from the Angel Tarot and Healing With the Angels decks for five weeks in August. This is what we can expect.

10 Ten of Water Self-Acceptance

For this first short week of August (August 1-5), the cards are Ten of Water and Self-Acceptance. Water cards represent emotions and it looks like happy emotions for this first week. Our relationships are positive and doing quite well. This includes our personal relationships, our professional relationships, family, friends, co-workers, and others. We really are in a good spot. Notice the happy couple in the water and happy children playing in the background. Our emotional and financial needs are being met and we can focus on growing personally and spiritually. Part of that growth involves and requires self-acceptance. It is a reminder to love ourselves the way we love others. Too often we are quick to give love to others but hold back on loving ourselves. Try seeing yourself as the angels see you–perfect, whole, complete, and made in the image of God. This is a good way to start the month.

16 Life Experience Healing

For the second week of August (August 6-12) we have 16-Life Experience and Healing. Life Experience is The Tower in traditional tarot. In fact, if you look at the Angel tarot card closely, you can see the tower in the background. The tower card tends to frighten people because it indicates a major life change. This could be a death, a divorce, job loss. No wonder people are frightened. However, there are some very positive major life events; not all are frightening. This week signals change. Life events that could take place include, transitioning to a new job or career, pregnancy or adoption of children, graduating from college, purchasing a home, or something along those lines. These are BIG events that we need to be on the lookout for. Sometimes before we can accept something new into our lives, we must first release the past, and that can involve healing. Release any challenges you may be experiencing that might prevent you from accepting this new life change. This week (and always) it is good practice to only verbalize and think about what you want. Do not focus on what is wrong or what you fear. Hold thoughts about love around any situation that might need healing and visualize the situation as being healed right now. Be sure to give thanks for the healing if you are the recipient. It may also be that you are asked to heal another. Our natural healing abilities are being called forth in week 2 of August.

Other things to be aware of in the second week of August include the full moon and the lunar eclipse. These will take place on August 6. Then later on August 12, Mercury goes retrograde. You may want to focus on your healing and life experiences early in the week.

09 Nine of Air Divine Guidance

For the third week of August (August 13-19) we have Nine of Air and Divine Guidance. Air cards represent our intellect and honestly, I am not surprised to see the Nine of Air show up just a few days after Mercury goes retrograde and right after the Healing card. Remember in week two to focus only on what you want. When we start worrying and allow ego fears to take over, we start manifesting those things we are afraid of. We start generating self-fulfilling prophecies. This is a gentle reminder to continue to focus only on what we want and visualize it as already happening or else we might find ourselves like the unicorns on the card, passed out due to stress. For help with this, ask for divine guidance. If your gut or your intuition or your dreams are trying to tell you something but you are unsure of what that is, ask about it. Ask the angels for clear understanding of what steps you need to take to either release or manifest. What still needs healing? I think week 2 and 3 are going to be closely related so watch out with all that is going on in those two weeks.

05 Five of Fire Miracles

For the fourth week of August (August 20-26) we have Five of Fire and Miracles. There is a theme here and it seems to be resonating with all of the turmoil and confusion and chaos that I mentioned in the beginning of the post. The Five of Fire card is a passion card and fives also represent change. The five wands appear to be blocking our path as we can see nothing but them in our view. There may be some struggle, some conflict, or some challenge that seems to be coming from outside of ourselves. However, that struggle, conflict, or challenge may actually be serving as a mirror for work that we must do on ourselves. The change might be something big or it might also be something benign like athletic competitions or contests. In either case be on the lookout for miracles. If you need help getting past the block, ask to be shown a solution and then be open to all possibilities. Often times our prayers are answered in ways that we could not have imagined. Be open to a miracle to help with any challenges you face in week 4.

Also in week 4 there is the solar eclipse, which will start the week on August 21. On that same day there will be a New Moon. Astrologically, it will be another busy week.

01-ace-of-water Archangel Michael

Finally we come to the end of the month, week 5 (August 27-31) and we get Ace of Water and Archangel Michael. Aces represent beginnings and water represents emotions. Our relationships with others are emotional and so this is a sign that there will be happy times in new relationships or we might find new joys in relationships we’ve had for some time. The feelings are good and if you are not in a relationship, this could signal a new relationship is on the horizon. Archangel Michael symbolizes true love, God’s love and courage. If you are concerned about new relationships, ask Archangel Michael for help calming your fears and know that you are safe and secure. I like to have heart-to-heart talks with Archangel Michael where I share with him all of my concerns and give them up. He can fill us with courage and strength to go the distance.

So that is what is in store for the month of August, 2017. It looks like there may be a lot of spiritual work, healing work, and work toward personal growth. I personally am ready for the challenge, I have lots on my plate currently and will share with you how the cards work in my life during the coming weeks. As always if you enjoyed this reading, please share it with others.

Veronica Lynne

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