Acknowledging Truth and Asking For Help

The alarm went off this morning and I didn’t get up immediately. I recall thinking about doing so, but instead, I sort of fell back asleep. In that state somewhere between sleeping and not fully awake yet, I was suddenly flooded with thoughts that were, well … frightening. So I am going to share what happened and how I handled it. I am a teacher, and I believe living what I teach and serving as an example for others is one of the best ways that we learn from one another.

I have not shared my bigger story for 2017 yet and I promise I will do that soon. However, today I want to just focus on the dream. To fill you in on some of the background information, I have been planning some BIG changes in my life for 2017. One involves leaving the state where I have lived for over 50 years. Another involves leaving the state where I have been physically employed for half of those 50+ years. I work in higher education and California has just over 1,200 higher education institutions. The next state with the highest number of higher education institutions is New York has just over 600 public and private institutions — half of what the state of California has (Source: 2013 Data from National Center for Education Statistics, Department of Education).

So back to the dream. I have felt comfortable with this new direction in my life since I got the message from God in February to pursue this change. I pull cards daily and I continue to feel guided to embark on this journey. Last night, or more accurately early this morning I found myself imagining what might happen if I am unable to make this dream come true. I imagined lack of funding, no housing, no work, and ultimately extreme poverty. Added to that I started imagining/dreaming of myself afraid to drive in towns and parking garages because of the size of my new truck. Well, I could feel the fear taking over my body and the stress was quickly waking me from this dreaming state. That’s when I came to my senses. I stopped and prayed for peace and started focusing on the feelings I have been holding onto these past months–those of joy and happiness of having my own space; of following my passion and reaching out to others through my writing; of meeting new people as I travel to new places, and more. Yes, I got the hell out of Poverty Land and started focusing more on my truth as I know it.

After I was up and showered and in a better space, I knew I needed to journal about it so I did just that. I talked with Archangel Michael and Archangel Raphael and asked for help holding onto my dream and releasing any ego fears that want to keep me from realizing my dream. I asked to more clearly hear, see, feel, and know the messages that God sends through the angels. I then ended my writing/praying by pulling cards from the Archangel Michael and the Archangel Raphael decks. These are the cards I pulled.

Admit the Truth to Yourself

From the Archangel Michael deck, I pulled, Admit the Truth to Yourself, and Act Accordingly. Archangel Michael, with his sword of light, is the archangel we call upon for protection. “As the defender of all that is pure, Michael is the epitome of strength and valor. He intervenes miraculously to save lives and to protect our bodies, loved ones, vehicles, belongings, and reputations(Source: Doreen Virtue)He also is the one to call upon when we need life purpose guidance or spiritual guidance. Notice how he stands watching over his flock. This card is a reminder to focus on my truth and turn away from ego fears. Archangel Michael is reassuring me that I am being divinely guided and my needs will be met. Additionally, there is some healing that needs to take place before I leave California. I will need to address this in the next couple of days. I have perhaps been avoiding this issue and I need to address this and act accordingly before I move. Archangel Michael reminds me that he will protect me on my journey; he offers me strength and courage to go the distance.

Give Us Your CaresFrom the Archangel Raphael deck, I pulled Give Us Your Cares. According to Doreen Virtue, “Archangel Raphael brings God’s healing light to Earth. He once told me in a meditation that rather than healing, his role consists of revealing the truly healed bodies that God created for all of us. To Raphael, everyone is already healthy in spiritual truth” (Source: Doreen Virtue). This affirms the card from Archangel Michael to stay in my truth and not allow ego fears to take over. Most folks think to call on Archangel Raphael when they have health concerns. But Archangel Raphael is also considered the patron angel of travelers. Did you know you can call upon Archangel Raphael when you are traveling (which I plan to do lots of in 2018) and he will help protect you and keep you healthy as you travel? I released my fears in my journal, in my prayers, and now here. Archangel Raphael reminds me that I can call upon him and the other angels often to help me stay centered and grounded in my truth.

Now get this. I have one more instance of the divine working in my life. I love that these cards are answers to today’s concerns, but I also look for other more physical signs like numbers, butterflies, feathers, pennies, and more. Yesterday, as I sat in the park in the late afternoon meditating and contemplating I was approached by a bluebird. Yes, you read that right, a bluebird. He was with me for several minutes on the ground, on the table where I sat, and on the tree next to the table. As I watched him, I remembered that Archangel Michael’s color is a beautiful blue. You can’t see the vivid blue so well in these photos, but trust me it was gorgeous. Archangel Michael was protecting me and my spiritual path. Perhaps he was aware of the ego building up and came to give me comfort. I felt at peace and talked a little with the bird and thanked him for feeling so comfortable to share space with me. You can’t make this stuff up folks. I am so grateful to be able to sit quietly and pay attention to the signs from Source, to be able to clearly see, feel, hear, and know divine messages as they come through God’s messengers–angels.

You all have a great day and a fantastic weekend. I will be moving soon and will share with you more of this BIG plan for 2017 in another post.

Veronica Lynne,
Angel Intuitive

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