Angel Tarot for September 2017

Well, we have reached the end of another month and are on the cusp of a new month. There is so much going on in the Universe right now. The time between the solar eclipse and the next full moon is proving to be intense. Emotions are running high. It is a time of extremes. I hope you all are staying grounded and working on self-care. We are nearing the end of Mercury retrograde and that will certainly help some. Tonight I meditated with my cards and crystals and asked the Divine to send a message of what can be expected for September. I feel like a lot of love is needed all across the world right now. Lots more love and compassion. I was guided to pull cards from the Angel Tarot deck and Messages From Your Angels Oracle cards. I pulled one card from each deck for each week in the month of September. But before I start, I want to remind you of the card pulled for September from the Yearly Reading.

For September the card is Two of Fire. If in August you worked with a mentor and found yourself collaborating with others or sharing and participating in group activities, then growth will have occurred and in September there will be a personal awakening. Two cards often indicate friendships and partnerships between two people. The Two of Fire is focused more on a business relationship. In September, passions will be pursued as you move forward confidently. Do not allow others to slow you down; surround yourself with only those who support your purpose and you will be rewarded.

Now let’s see what the card is for the first week of September (September 1-9). The Angel Tarot card is 18-The Moon, with Archangel Haniel. This seems fitting since there will be a full moon on September 6th. The Moon card reminds us to stay awake to intuitions and feelings, as well as dreams. If you feel fear this week, be aware of the feeling and ask for guidance and awareness. Journal, meditate or pray to know what is behind the feelings you may be experiencing. The big full moon will be shining light on you, showing you the truth of your heart’s desires; where you can find joy. Call upon Archangel Haniel for help with your intuitive gifts and she will help you with trust and confidence in your clairvoyance.

Also, this first week the Oracle card is Omega. The Unicorn is pleased because you have decided to follow your heart’s desires. As long as you stay true to your dreams and life purpose, you will flow into the river of love. There may be challenges along the way but you should not be deterred by these or let them get you down because everything happens in divine right timing. It’s all part of the plan. You are successful in our desires; the plan will come to fruition. Stay calm, centered, and focused and know the truth and all will be well.

Also, during this first week of September Mercury retrograde turns on September 5 and there will be a full moon on September 6. Things should really be looking good by the end of the first week of September.

For the second week of September (September 10-16) from the Tarot deck, there is another major arcana card, 10-The Wheel. The Wheel card signifies luck as it is linked to Jupiter. This is a good time to make changes, whether they be big or small. Archangel Michael stands ready to help you with any challenges you may face in this second week of September. Call upon him for courage, strength, or self-confidence. He sits inside the zodiac showing us that life is always changing. You have the resources necessary to make your dreams come true.

From the Oracle deck, the card is  Celeste, indicating it is time for a move. This might be a new home or a new place of employment. In either case, it might feel like a lot of work but if you call on Celeste, the move can be a joyous one. This move will require trust. Trust that the Divine is working for your highest and greatest good. This is a time to expect miracles and be mindful of not buying into scarcity thinking. Think big, and big opportunities will open up for you.

For the third week of September (September 17-23) the card is the Eight of Fire from the Angel Tarot deck. Things are going to get really busy in the third week of September. Eight cards signify a lot of activity in your life and great progress. Be mindful of your thoughts as eight cards also signify there may be self-fulfilling prophecies going on. Think only what you want in life and not what you fear. Yes, you will be busy in this third week, but the busy-ness will be welcome. You may feel stressed at times but the results will be worth it. The eight wands on the card appear to be going in different directions and lighting up the sky like fireworks. This symbolizes your goals and the need to prioritize them so that you don’t let your emotions (the water in the background) take control.

From the Oracle deck, the card is Indriel. I love this card. Indriel reminds you that we are all spiritual beings here to share our light with the world. What perfect timing as the world needs more love and compassion right now. You are being called to share your light in ordinary circumstances. You may be called to listen to a friend, help someone in the market, or teach others what you know. Shine brightly and others will want to stand in your light. It is important that you clear yourself and cut cords after helping others. Ask Archangel Michael to help you cut cords to others so that you can stay centered and grounded.

Also this week there will be a New Moon on the 20th, International Peace Day is the 21st, and the Autumn Equinox occurs on the 22nd. All of which are occasions to share your love and light with the world.

Finally, we come to the last week in September (September 23-30) and the card from Angel Tarot is the third major arcana card of the month, 20-Renewal. Wow! This is going to be a very BIG month. Major arcana cards signify the bigger things in your life. You will have done so much in the previous three weeks that by the end of the month it will be time to contemplate the journey. The last week in September is a time to stop and reflect on relocations, new homes, career changes, or other big changes that took place in the month. Weigh your options carefully before making decisions. You are ready for the change, so it is a time of preparing. This is a very personal card and the contemplation that occurs this week will also be personal. Choices should be made based on your judgment (The 20 card in Rider Waite is called Judgment) and not so much on how others perceive you. Archangel Jeremiel can be called upon to help you evaluate so that you understand the changes occurring.

From the Oracle deck, the card is Azure. Azure reminds you that your dreams will come true but you must have patience and trust. Keep positive thoughts and focus only on what you want; never what you fear. The Universe doesn’t know the difference between “I want” and “I don’t want” so focus on the feelings you want. When the fears or negativity creep in, call on Azure for help in staying positive.

So that is the month of September. This has been a very busy year. I am looking forward to more big changes in my life. As always if you enjoyed this reading please share with a friend and comment below.

Veronica Lynne,
Angel Intuitive

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