Angel Tarot for October 2017

September has come and gone and it was BIG! As the angel cards predicted, it was a very BIG month for me and my family. I am curious to know how it turned out for others. October is now upon us and Autumn is here. Leaves are turning colors and the weather is cooler. As I looked back on the Yearly Reading for 2017 I recalled the card pulled for October 2017–Ten of Air.

10-ten-of-airTens signify endings and Air cards represent our intellect. The good news is that all endings are followed by new beginnings. The ending may be something you have wanted or it might be unexpected. Sometimes endings are sad and bring about feelings of loss. Other times, endings can bring about feelings of relief.  Endings can involve relationships, occupations, geographies or any other long-term situation. Remember to release and do not try to hold onto things and people that no longer serve you. Allow Universe to lead you by letting go and letting Spirit guide your moves. Keep in mind that even though you may be able to let go there could be others surrounding the issue who want to engage in drama. Give them space to do so, but be careful not to get consumed by their drama.

As I prayed to know which deck(s) to use this month I was guided to think in terms of magic. This led to fairies and unicorns. So let’s get started and see what came up.

13 Queen of Winter Listen to your true feelings

For the first week of October (1-7) the card from Fairy Tarot is Queen of Winter. In Fairy Tarot the Winter cards correspond to the Air cards in Angel Tarot and signify mind and intellect. Queens are the nurturers and have seen it all. Queens are loving and supportive and feel deeply about those around them. This Queen sits alone and she is comfortable being alone. The Queen card can represent a friend who is wise and offers great counsel. This card might serve as a reminder to focus on career (intellect) rather than relationships (emotion). From the Magical Unicorns deck, the card is Listen to Your True Feelings. This is an interesting emotion card to pull with an intellect card. As earthly beings, we need our intellect to maneuver our way in life. However, our true compass is our feelings. When faced with a challenging decision to make, the mind can reason and provide logic all day, but the “gut” always tells the truth. This card can be a warning that someone may try to convince you to do something that is not in your best interest or that may provide immediate gratification, but does not serve you in the long run. If faced with such a situation, remember to breathe deeply and go within to find your personal truth in the situation.

16 Life Experience Curiosity

For the second week of October (8-14) the card from Fairy Tarot is 16-Life Experience. The changes alluded to earlier are starting to take place. This major arcana card is saying, in order to receive the good that is waiting for you, you must first release that which no longer serves you. Change is almost always uncomfortable but it certainly is not something to be feared. You are never alone in change. Put your gaze on your future desires and wishes and then pray for guidance on how to create change to reach those goals. From the Magical Unicorn deck, the card is Curiosity. What a lovely combination. As you prepare for change, be curious. The things you are most curious about often lead to your divine mission. As you reflect on your life experiences and pay closer attention to the things you are curious about, you will gain a better understanding of yourself and your place in the universe.

21 The World Creative

For the third week of October (15-21) the card from Fairy Tarot is 21-The World. This major arcana card signifies the end of the Dreamer’s journey. Remember that major arcana cards represent the bigger things in our lives. This third week of October will bring about a time of celebration. Take a moment to relax and bask in the satisfaction of having completed a long journey. Then prepare for the next journey. From the Magical Unicorns deck, the card is Creative. The Magical Unicorns deck is stressing creativity and creation. In week 2 you got curious and in week 3 it is time to create. It is time to make something. We are all creative beings and to prevent us from getting in a rut, we balance life with creative endeavors. Build, draw, paint, write, sing, dance, or anything that puts a song in your heart. Enjoy a little well-deserved time off before starting the journey again and take time to be creative.

01 Ace of Summer Forgive

The fourth week of October (22-28) brings the Ace of Summer from the Angel Tarot deck. Having completed a journey with the major arcana in the previous month, it is now time to start a new project. The suit of summer represents emotional well-being and family. It can correspond to love and children as well. Ace cards represent beginnings so be on the lookout for a new relationship. It might appear as a new friend, a new family member, or a new home. It could also be new spiritual connections or psychic growth. Perhaps as you are curious and creative, a new love is awakened. From the Magical Unicorns deck, the card is Forgive. Be careful to not hold onto blame or anger as these will hold you back. In order to begin this new journey and a new relationship, be willing to first forgive anyone you may be holding blame or anger towards including yourself. We all have a tendency to be hard on ourselves. Release is the word for the last week in October. Release and prepare to begin a new journey.

That is the reading for the month of October 2017. I can hardly believe it is October already. Have a wonderful, magical month and as always, if you feel moved by this reading, please be sure to share with someone.

Veronica Lynne,
Angel Intuitive

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