Birthing a New Life

This post has been some time coming. With life challenges and celebrations, it seems to continually get pushed to the background. Today, I have decided to share with readers what I’ve been busy birthing behind the scenes.

This change started early in January. I had been visiting family in Idaho and my plans to return to California were delayed due to inclement weather–the worst winter Idaho had seen in decades. I monitored the weather in each of the states and all of the major passes that I would need to go through in order to return to California safely and determined that I would need to delay my return drive. I continued to pull cards and ask for guidance and a few days later I was carefully making my way back to California and the home I had been sharing with a friend for almost four years. That night, when I returned exhausted and grateful for a safe trip, my friend approached me asking that I move out. This was not quite the welcome I had hoped for and initially, it threw me off guard and into a bit of a depression. The original plan was to stay until I completed my Ph.D. program, which would be summer of 2018. I did what I knew to do–I got on my knees and prayed for guidance. Over the next few weeks, I continued my meditation practice and working with God’s messengers.

During January some of the cards I pulled were:

08 Eight of Michael  Overcoming Difficulties  11 Strength

13 Queen of Fire  08-eight-of-summer  You Are Stronger Than You Know

Then in February, I started seeing these cards:

Travel  13 Peace  09 The Hermit

Sign From HeavenOn February 26, 2017, I drew a card from the Flower Oracle deck and journaled pages and pages. As I wrote, I knew what my next step would be. I was being given an opportunity to live the gypsy life I have always wanted to live but had been too afraid to do. As I looked back on my life, I could see that I had been groomed for a life of travel. I had been transitioning to more online teaching, picking up jobs consulting online, and my Ph.D. program of study was all online. I was now being given the opportunity I had been seeking nearly all my life. It is human nature to resist change. Change is always uncomfortable. However, we don’t expand if we don’t change. There was no clear reason why I could not begin traveling.

For the first few months, I was so giddy with excitement about this next phase of my life. I continued to do my spiritual practices and watched for signs of what to do next. The first three months were filled with some apprehension, but mostly joy. The kind of joy where you see a sign, hear a song, and suddenly feel like dancing as your face involuntarily breaks out in a big grin. I am sometimes asked how we know whether the desire we seek is coming from ego or from spirit. The response I always give, is to ask, “how do you feel?” Your body knows even when your mind doesn’t. Everything in my body said that this was what I needed to do and so I started doing research.

I continued to teach my final courses on campus and asked to transition to fully online. Everything seemed to be falling into place. I prayed about the type of truck I would need and the trailer that would serve as my home. As a newly expectant mother, I wanted to protect my dream and so I did not share it with many. Those I did share it with were so very happy for me, providing encouragement and advice. By the fifth month, I was ready to share my dream with family. I went back to Idaho to share with my daughter and son-in-law. They were not only excited and happy with me, they provided the encouragement and advice I needed to secure my truck. This was the first investment of my gypsy life and it felt big but still exciting. I returned to California and shared with my folks who were not as excited but also did not discourage me. Then in August (month 6), I informed my son and his family and I moved to Idaho.

Living with family, I established residency, began receiving mail, registered my truck, and exchanged my California driver’s license for an Idaho license. I have continued to teach online and am working with my dissertation chair in Arizona. The next step will be to secure my home on wheels. I will need to be out of Idaho and over the Sierra Nevadas before the snow starts to settle. The plan is to return to California to visit my folks and load the trailer with items left in storage. Then I will travel along the West Coast where the winters do not involve snow. I am in the 8th month of preparing and should have my plan fully “birthed” by November. I am not exactly sure what this will look like but the original plan was to take the next 4-5 years to see as much of the U.S. as I can. I will continue to stay in touch with the angels who send me messages from God about my life direction.

Veronica Lynne,
Angel Intuitive

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