Tarot for 2018

Hello all! I am back after a short hiatus and am here with the annual tarot reading. I wanted to pull cards for 2018 back in December of 2017 but did not feel the wisdom of the ascended masters and knew not to push it. I waited through January and wondered if the time would ever “feel” right again. Well, interestingly enough, I knew today was the day. I will share a separate post on trusting intuition later, but for now, let’s get started. In addition to the cards, actually, before pulling cards, I understood the following words are a part of the year: family, mothering, nurturing, peace, love, unity, equality, and dreams. I pulled cards from the Rider-Waite deck and left the option for cards to show up reversed. The spread I used was circular, like a clock, with January starting at the 9 o’clock position (see the bottom of this post). Let’s get started,

07 Seven of CoinsFor January the card is Seven of Pentacles. Pentacles or coins represent the more earthly tasks we have in life. Not surprisingly, I pulled this same card earlier this month (see the Instagram feed). The Seven of Pentacles shows a gardener pausing to review the seven coins growing on his vine. January is a month requiring patience. Yes, it may feel like the start of a race. Afterall, the year is beginning and we all want to get off to a good start. But remember that it was the tortoise who won the race and not the hare. January is a good month for reflection on the seeds we have sown. Review 2017, reflect on your life thus far and then meditate on where you wish to go in 2018. What do you envision? Be patient and pay attention to the signs. There will be time to move forward, and by taking time in January to pause and be patient, the path will become much clearer and there will be fortunes to reap.

04 Four of WandsFor February the card is the Four of Wands. Wands relate to the element of fire and often represent things we are passionate about. Here two women seem to be dancing in the street and celebrating life. The garland they each hold up are signals of the fruits of their labor (see January). The four wands planted in the foreground have a canopy of fruits and flowers strung across them; another celebratory sign. In February there will be time to relax and celebrate accomplishments. The patient waiting will be passed. Spend time in nature, take a drive in the country, and celebrate with family members. Share the love and feel the peace that comes in February. As peace has been restored, you now seek stability and commitment.

03 Three of Wands
March brings the first reversed card–the Three of Wands. The man standing on the rock has a cloak of red (similar to the one the woman wore in the Four of Wands). Red symbolizes passion and drive. Over the other shoulder, there is also visible, a bit of a green cloak signifying monetary goods and material wealth. The bit of armor exposed indicates this is a man of his word; a many of integrity; a confident man. This card often symbolizes abundance. Because the card is reversed, the message is not one of a successful business venture; at least not yet. Instead, there is just time for a brief pause, because although the hard work has been done, there is much more to be accomplished. Perhaps there was confusion about a recent decision. Now it is time to rest and relax but do not get too comfortable because there could be more challenges in the near future. This is a good time to reflect on decisions made and ask yourself if you have made them in haste or through contemplation. Did you listen to both heart and mind? Do you feel balanced or as though you gave the farm away? If it is not your own business, it may be that you are the inspiration to someone else who is running a business venture. You can offer wise counsel to others. Rest up in March. Think of it as getting ready for spring when Mother Nature returns in full bloom.

01 Ace of CoinsApril has another reversed card–Ace of Pentacles. This is another card of abundance. Here the Hand of the Universe holds a giant golden coin. The hedge growing across the bottom symbolizes the will to continue. The soul will journey beyond the arch in the hedge and into the mountains. Mountains symbolize a higher spiritual desire. This is a very spiritual card, and yet it is also an Earth card. Reversed, this card is a warning to watch over your funds. It is a reminder to be cautious about spending and not be frivolous, lest you lose everything. This includes accepting loans from institutions, family, or friends. Now is not the time to make investments. Instead, take inventory of what you have and practice gratitude. Be thankful for all that you do have–stability, security, and material comforts. This helps keep your mindset positive and allows for more to come to you without financial risk.

19 The Sun
May has the third reversed card in a row–XIX-The Sun. Reversed cards do not necessarily mean danger or that bad things are going to happen. Instead, they represent times in our lives when we must be more cautious and conscious. If we keep our wits about us and remain on solid earth, we will get through turmoil or distress much easier. The Sun is another card of abundance and success and is a card of joy and happiness. The naked child symbolizes the innocence and childlike qualities in each of us–the 2-year-old and the centenarian. The Sun child can be thought of as the Egyptian Sun God Horus, who is pure in Spirit. How happy does the sun make you feel? What feels better than a sunny day? Reversed, this card indicates there could be some challenges and uncertainty in May. Be careful about your physical health, your relationships, and your emotional health. If you don’t this could be a very challenging time with illness, depression, and unhappiness. There could be clouds that leave you feeling depressed but don’t give in. Remember, the rain does clear up and brings with it not only the sun but rainbows! Stay strong and keep your wits about you.

00 The Fool
June has the fourth reversed card–0-The Fool. In Angel Tarot this is The Dreamer. This is said to be the most important card of the Tarot Deck because The Fool is beginning the journey of a lifetime, a shining light, seeking knowledge. It is the start of the major arcana, representing the bigger aspects of life–marriage, buying a home, completing education. This is a reminder to follow your dreams and have faith in those dreams. Listen to your own inner guidance but be open to advice from loved ones. The dog on the card symbolizes our instinctual nature– self-preservation. Instincts will be especially important in June. The possibility for missed opportunities and unexpected challenges exist. Be careful not to step off the cliff unless you have a parachute in your knapsack. Consider carefully how your actions affect not only you but others as well. The Fool represents an opportunity waiting to be manifested, but this can only happen with careful contemplation and animal instincts. This can be challenging for many as Ego tends to speak louder than instinct. Go with your gut. Listen to your feelings. Move through life with the awe and wonder of children. Pave your own way.

17 The StarBy midsummer, July, we get upright again. All of the cautious, thoughtful, contemplative living we did for the past four months come to a fruitful end. The card for July is XVII–The Star. On the card is Mother Nature pouring the water of life onto the earthly ground. She has one knee on Earth and the other in the water. Balance! The white stars represent the seven chakras and the single yellow star represents our cosmic consciousness. This is a card of joy. As a major arcana card, it symbolizes major events in our lives. This is a favored card of the prophet or psychic as well as those interested in the arts. Possibilities in life can become realities. It is a good time to follow your heart’s desires. Don’t hesitate any longer, take that acting class, singing lessons, painting courses. Write that book. Seek out a spiritual teacher, talk with a medium, buy more crystals. Be creative and manifest your desires. You are on the right path; have faith and be optimistic.

05 Five of CoinsAugust brings the Five of Pentacles. This card can be a bit of a downer after July’s Star as we see homeless people, possibly a man and wife, who struggle in the snow. But although they have health issues and money issues, there is a light shining in the stained glass with five coins revealed. Soon they will get out of the cold and into the light. Like the couple, do not venture in this weariness alone. August is a good time to commune with family, friends, or community. Truly there is solace in companionship. We are all here to help one another and offer help to those in need. Rather than focus on what you don’t have, focus on what you do have. Focus on self-care in August so that you are healthy for the rest of the year. If you are fortunate to not experience this dark night of the soul, this card indicates a calling to step up to the plate and be of service to others in some way. Seek out local charities, donate to global causes, give what you can.

10 Ten of CupsThe card for September is Ten of Cups. This is the first Cups card of the year. Cups symbolize our emotional selves and the season of summer. The husband and wife are giving thanks to the Universe as symbolized by the rainbow with ten cups Nearby, the children play happily and dance with joy. The Ten of Cups feels like a happy heart. Contentment. Peace. Unity. This is a card of joy. You have been successful in life and have likely gained joy from it. This card symbolizes happiness and contentment in both the material world and the spiritual world. Conscious and unconscious. Spend September with friends. Be grateful for all of the positive, healthy relationships in your life. Make a friend. Be a friend. If you are fortunate to have family members you are close to, be thankful for this. Call a loved one. This is also a good time to spend time near water (rivers, lakes, or oceans) or in the countryside, as seen on the card.

14 King of SwordsOctober brings the King of Swords. Swords represent our Intellect and the season of Winter. it is a time when we hunker down and focus on work, career, and ambitions. The King of Swords symbolizes authority, power, and strength. October is a time for deep thinking. This card can also represent professions of authority such as lawyers, military, and law enforcement. It also represents professions in government (politics) and medicine. It is good to listen to the King and heed his advice. If you find yourself confronted with or needing advice from any of these, it is important to heed the advice you are given. Follow it closely and the King will protect you. But recognize, the King of Swords has a double-edged sword and if you are not careful and do not heed his advice, you could find yourself worse off. This is a good month to listen to authority and be responsible for your actions as well as your thoughts. Balance valuable advice with your own personal feelings. If necessary, find a third party to help you make decisions that are fair and equitable.

11 Page of WandsThe card for November is the Page of Wands. Here a young person is holding a wooden staff with new growth. The Page stands in the desert with three pyramids in the background. These are maternal signs of the earth. The Page is about truth and justice; friendship and social life. This card might represent someone you already know, someone you will meet, or yourself. In any case, it is someone you can trust; a trusted and loyal friend. This person will have a great passion for life and seeks adventure. If this is you, the Page of Wands is a reminder to not stifle yourself because you are a kind and considerate soul following your dream. You can be a role model for others longing to be more adventurous; more passionate. This card is about being accomplished and successful. Being patient and dependable; frugal and trustworthy; optimistic and realistic.

02 Two of Cups
Finally, we come to the end of the year, December, and the Two of Cups reversed. Here a young couple holds cups as they face one another. Twos are often dichotomous, signifying a need for balance. The young woman is dressed in the colors of the moon, while the young man is dressed in the colors of the sun. There is masculine and feminine energy here. The Greek Caduceus between them signifies polarity on physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels. The Two of Cups is a card of twin souls or soul mates. It looks like 2018 will end with love. But be careful. The reversed card represents an imbalance. The imbalance might be between you and another or it might be within yourself. All relationships must be balanced. Our physical needs must be met. Our emotional and mental needs must be nurtured. Our spiritual needs must be fostered. When we are balanced, our relationships with others will also come into balance. Where do you feel unbalanced?

So what does this all mean? I see a year of patience and optimistic caution. When we live more consciously and are aware of how our actions affect or impact the lives of others, we experience more joy, abundance, and love in all of our relationships, including the most important relationship we have–with ourselves. I see a year focused on family, friends, and community; a year of being of service to others in the name of peace for all.


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