Everything Is Part of The Reading

How many of you feel that as you read cards for yourself or someone else, you focus on the card while trying to ignore everything else going on around you? I suspect many people do. Afterall, isn’t that the point of drawing cards–to understand the meaning of the cards? Well, yes…

and no.

There are two very important parts to using any divination tool (prayer, meditation, crystals, cards or whatever else you use): intention and intuition.

Let’s start with intention. If you are setting out to read tarot or oracle cards, what is your intention? What is your reason for using the cards? Are you looking for a specific answer? Or are you open and receptive to whatever the Universe has to show you? Some people find that their intention is clear when sitting at an altar with candles burning, cards saged, and chanting in the background. This is cool. Whatever helps you get to a point of openness so that you can release Ego and listen to divine messages being sent to you is good. However, this does not mean that you need to put off reading cards because you are not at the altar or other circumstances are not perfect. If your intention is clear, your question is clear, and you are receptive, anytime is a good time to read cards. I live a very nomadic life (by choice) and so I find myself in any number of different settings. I am not always able to set up an altar but I always have my cards with me, and I often have a small altar cloth handy as well. If I have a question or am asked to read cards, I take a few deep breaths to settle my physical body. I ask the question without any preconceived or desired responses and I say a short prayer, something like:

God, help me to quiet the Ego mind and stay in my higher self so that I can accurately see, hear, feel, and know, the divine messages that come through these cards.

My intention is to be an open vessel. In the prayer, you will see that the bold words are: see, hear, feel, and know. Too often we focus on just one or two of these words. We want to know the message or depending on which “claire(s)” you are dominant in (clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient, or claircognizant) you may be waiting to hear messages from the angels or see signs. These are all good and important, but so is everything before and after the reading.

For example, let’s say a querent asks you a question about family. As you are preparing to do the reading and shuffling the cards you notice an ant on the white altar cloth. You could just brush this off or you could see and know that the reading will be about an aunt. Or, let’s say your client forgets to turn his or her cell phone off and as you are settling down to do the reading the phone rings and it is his or her father. Again, you could brush it off, or it could be that the reading will be about some paternal figure (father, grandfather, great-grandfather). There are any number of things that can happen and will happen. These are not random. If you believe in the law of attraction (and most people who read cards do) then you know that your querent is attracting not only the card that best answers the question, but the circumstances, including you, that lead up to the card reading. Trust your intuition. Don’t second-guess anything that happens in a reading. It’s all part of the reading.

There is another situation where I have found people do not trust intuition. Sometimes a reader will pull a card and not understand it. That is when Ego kicks in and says things like, “This can’t be right. Maybe you didn’t shuffle correctly. Maybe you should start over.”


The Ego is a natural protector. Ego wants to protect you and well, let’s face it, Ego wants to protect Ego. This is good, but not during a card reading. This is why I pray to quiet the Ego mind and stay fully in my higher self. When we are in a higher state of consciousness and more connected with our higher power, we are more receptive to our intuition. The signs you get are signs from the Divine and can certainly be trusted. Instead of doubting, take a couple deep breaths and watch for signs. What do you see? What do you hear? What do you feel? What is your intuition trying to tell you? If you are able to, ask the querent what he or she sees in the card and if anything stands out. This is a good way to get yourself back into intuition and trust. If it is a long distance reading, describe the card and ask if there is anything you said that stands out. The idea is to get out of your mind and back into service for others. Once you are able to do that, you are in a receptive state and will begin to see, hear, feel, and know the divine messages. You can do the same if the reading is for yourself. Start identifying what you see in the card–the symbols, the colors, the objects, all of the details–and as you do this you tap back into intuition and get out of Ego mind.

Remember, it’s all part of the reading.
Set your intention and then trust your intuition.

Veronica Lynne
Angel Intuitive

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