Oracle Reading for 01.31.2018

I have already done a tarot reading for the week, but today being such a HUGE day astrologically speaking, I felt it appropriate to draw an oracle card for the day. Then as I was meditating and contemplating which deck to use, I was led to draw from three different decks. Because, let’s face it, sometimes we all understand the message a little differently. The message is the same, the cards are different—a result of clear intention.


First from Steven Farmer’s Power Animal Oracle cards is Antelope. The antelope is decisive. Survival for the antelope depends on unwavering decisiveness. Where in your life are you procrastinating? If you are quiet and listen to your own intuition, you know the action you must take. This does not mean to be spontaneous. Be intuitive, listen, and then act accordingly.

The next card is from Colette Baron-Reid’s Wisdom of the Oracle deck. Go to Sea. This can be literal or figurative. This card reminds you to get in the flow of life. Stop wandering about aimlessly and find your flow, then ride that current as far as it takes you. How do you know you are in the flow? Life is effortless and you glide through the business of life as if on water. Stop floundering about or treading water quickly and roll over onto your back and let the water carry you. Let is hold you, support you, and guide you to your next destination.

The third card is from Sandra Anne Taylor’s Energy Oracle cards. Yin and Yang. Balance. Finding peace in balance. The yin represents your internal growth and the yang represents your outward progress. Upright the focus is on yin—intuition. Now is time to be intuitive. Listen. Be still. Wrap up loose ends and prepare for the next outward journey yang.

That’s it for today. Enjoy the full moon and any ritual you do during a full moon. It is a good time to release and let go. Let go of worry, doubt, fear, shame, guilt, indecisiveness, and anything else you feel comes up. Let it all go. Put these down on paper and burn them under the full moon as witness of your intentions. Then listen. Be still, enjoy the awesomeness of the majestic and magical moon and listen. In the quiet sky, she will show you the next steps to take.

Peace and blessings,
Veronica Lynne

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