Weekly Tarot For The Week Starting 02.05.2018

For this week’s reading, I am still fascinated with and called to use my new Shadowscape tarot deck. This is for the week starting Monday, February 5 and running through Sunday, February 11.

For Monday and Tuesday, the card is the Eight of Wands. As a reminder, the suit of Wands represents the element of fire, the season of spring, and action or passion. Here we see a woman releasing dandelions into the air. Remembering the childhood belief that if you closed your eyes and blew on them, your dreams might come true, she does just that. This card symbolizes hope, travel, or movement in some situation or relationship. It is a card of love. It is time to move on with your plans or dreams. The beginning of the week is a good time to manifest. Receive information or inspiration as you swiftly move forward but stay grounded, or you might become overwhelmed.

For Wednesday and Thursday, the middle of the week, the card is the Four of Pentacles. Pentacles represent the element of Earth, the season of Autumn, as well as abundance and earthly concerns. Here we see a dragon coiled up protecting the coins he has likely spent years gathering. There are chameleons close by watching as he guards his treasures. Everything you want materially is yours, but be careful about worshipping the God of Money. Money and power are just one form of abundance. We can be abundant in many other ways–love, family, friends, life experiences, and creativity–to name a few. This card serves as a warning to stay balanced and not put all of your focus on material gains. Make sure you have taken care of yourself financially, but also be very aware of other forms of abundance in your life.

For the weekend, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, the card is a major arcana card, VII–The Chariot. Look at the beautiful winged angel in her chariot being pulled by unicorns. This is the goddess Nike, or Maeve. She comes out of the sky and the unicorns join her from the depths of the ocean. The Chariot is a card of triumph and victory. It symbolizes self-confidence, discipline, and authority. If you encounter any obstacles during the week, you will triumph over them by the weekend. This includes financial obstacles, health obstacles, or any other type of obstacle. You will be victorious. Stay grounded and you will be recognized and rewarded.

That is the week dear ones. We are looking somewhat improved from last week. All cards were upright and carry positive messages. I wish you all a happy, abundant, and triumphant week.

Peace and love,
Veronica Lynne

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