Weekly Tarot For The Week Starting 02.19.2018

Hello all. After sitting quietly and asking for guidance for the coming week, I have pulled three cards from the Shadowscapes Tarot deck. The very first thing I noticed is that all of the cards are reversed this week. Interesting. So let’s get started and see what lies in the week ahead. [Note that the cards are shown upright so that you can really take in the picture but when I pulled them they were all reversed.]

It looks like the week will start with emotions. The card for Monday/Tuesday, February 19 and 20 is the Two of Cups. Cups represent the element of water, the season of summer and emotions. When Cups show up, you know the focus is going to be on something of depth and meaning in your life—family, intimacy, memories, spirituality, introspection. The mermaid on the card appears bored or contemplative. Be careful to not get too self-absorbed that you fail to recognize the gifts in front of you. Upright, this card would signify dissatisfaction and narrowness of vision. However, reversed it means there is a new drive, new relationships, new goals and new ambition. During the beginning of the week, you will find enthusiasm once again. This is a good time to re-evaluate possibilities in all areas of your life.

For the middle of the week, Wednesday/Thursday, February 21 and 22, the card is the Three of Swords. Swords represent the element of air, the season of winter, and thought or intellect. The swan pictured above is mourning and tending to her wounded heart. Upright, this card signifies grief, heartbreak, separation, isolation, or loneliness. All, challenges that involve others. The challenges might be personal or they may be global as in civil or political strife. Reversed, the Three of Swords is a sign that you are too focused on your personal challenges and are unable to see the bigger picture. The middle of the week is a good time to raise your head, be grateful for lessons learned, and focus on others. Trust that any sadness will pass. Avoid digging the hole any deeper.

Finally, we come to the weekend, Friday/Saturday/Sunday, February 23-25. The card for the weekend is one we saw just a couple of weeks ago. Only this week it is reversed. The Chariot is a major arcana signifying the larger things going on in life. Upright, The Chariot symbolizes self-confidence, discipline, and authority. Reversed, The Chariot is a warning of ill health, restlessness or a desire for change. Remember to not force anything. If it is meant to be there will be no need to force change. Contemplate any imbalance you feel during the weekend. Stay calm and grounded. Practice kindness and compassion toward others. This way with your mind and heart in balance, your life might also come into or stay in balance.

So there you have it. It feels like another somewhat bipolar week. Continue to stay grounded and balanced. Society is currently out of balance. Emotions are running high and fear is becoming more prevalent. The world needs a timeout. We all need to meditate, contemplate, journal, spend time in nature, spend time alone, spend time with loved ones, laugh, cry, listen to music, travel, play, sing, dance. Be grateful for one another and for the gifts you have already been bestowed.

Peace and Love,
Veronica Lynne

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