Weekly Tarot for The Week Starting 03.05.2018

Hello, Dear Ones. We are once again at the start of another week, week #10 of 52. I felt drawn to pull cards from a new tarot deck I recently acquired. I pulled cards from TheWildwood Tarot deck by Mark Ryan and John Matthews. The beautiful illustrations are by Will Worthington. As I slowly pulled these cards for the week, I felt their energy well up inside me. This week, like last, is another week of major arcana cards and they all are again, upright. The Universe is speaking to all of us. It is time to listen to what she has to say. So let’s get started.

The card for Monday/Tuesday, March 5/6, is The Shaman. This is also The Magician in traditional tarot or Angel tarot. The Shaman lives in the physical world but is very connected to the spiritual world. The work of the Shaman feels magical but this is because many who walk the Earth are not awake. The Shaman works with all of the elements (air, earth, fire, and water) and reminds you to be more fully engaged and aware. Use all of your senses as you traverse life. Now is the time to take that physical or spiritual journey. Use the magic you possess by becoming more aware of the way the air dances in the leaves of the trees, the way raindrops feel on your skin, the mesmerizing dance of flames, and the feel of Mother Earth on your bare feet. Become more dedicated, patient, and committed to learning more about who you are and why you are here. You may dance to a different beat, but the drum is the same. We are all individual expressions of the One. Do not try to be like someone else. Conformity is not why you are here. You cannot dance your dance until you are quiet and contemplative. Only then can you hear the song that is playing just for you.

The card for Wednesday/Thursday, March 7/8 is The Moon on Water. In traditional tarot, this is The Moon. The Moon is magical; she lights the way but there is no visible path to follow. You are standing at the edge of a beautiful journey. Listen to your dreams and follow your intuition; it is time to move. You have had inklings about some new path or direction you want to take in your life but have been hesitant. Now is a good time to begin new creative projects. Now is the time to listen to your soul. If you have wanted to take a class to learn more about astrology, crystals, tarot, or sacred texts, now is the time to do so. If your heart has been yearning to explore and meet new people; to commune with others, now is the time to do so. The Moon is a reminder that we are all connected, through the magic of the Universe. While at times it may seem as though you are on this journey alone, you are never alone. It is time to tap into the race consciousness of the world.

Finally, we get to the weekend where the card for Friday/Saturday/Sunday, March 9-11, is The Pole Star or in traditional tarot The Star. Yes, another symbol from nature and one we look up to in the dark of night. Yes, more magic and a calling to remember we are more than our physical bodies here on Earth. As you look up into the night sky and see The Star’s bright light and feel the magnetic energy that exists in the sky, know that these exist in you as well. The same power and force that lights up the sky, lights up in you. Shine bright with hope, inspiration, and great love. You have great gifts to share with the world. Possibilities can now become realities.

This week certainly has a theme running through it. I pull the cards according to days but found as I read them that the meaning of all cards is for the week. I sense no real divider between the days. As the tenth week of the year, it is also a week for creating. Ten is 1+0=1. The number 1 is the beginning of creation. It symbolizes a new start, trailblazing, leading. This is a week for manifesting what you want in life and for your life. Above all, remember love. Accept the love that is shown to you and in turn, share that love with others. Love is always the answer.

Peace and love,
Veronica Lynne

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