Tarot For the Week Starting 03.19.2018

This is your weekly tarot for the week starting Monday, March, 19. This week I felt drawn to the use the Tarot of Trees. I have asked the Universe what it is we all might need to focus on or be aware of for the coming week and the message is found below.

The card for Monday/Tuesday, March 19 & 20 is Judgment. This major arcana card signals the end of some journey you have been on. Notice how the seedling has struggled to emerge triumphantly through the roots, soil, and history. This is symbolic of your struggle through a relationship, a project, or a journey of any other type. You have likely done a lot of work to get to where you are now. Your roots, your family, your history…these have all played a part in helping to get you to where you are now but they are not who you are. As the seedling emerges the rain from above washes the plant so that it is renewed as shown in the beautiful colors that shine. You too have made it through this journey and it is nearing a time of celebration. But as you contemplate your celebration, take inventory. A transformation will only occur when you have released and let go of bad habits or judgments. Forgiveness may be necessary in order for you to fully embrace your future. If you have legal matters, this card signifies a successful judgment.

The card for the middle of the week, Wednesday/Thursday, March 21-22 is Eight of Cups reversed. Eight is approximately halfway through the suit. Perhaps by now, you have traveled far on your journey and you are feeling weary. Now is not the time to give up. Instead, rest for a bit in the middle of the week and again, as with the Judgment card, take inventory. Take time to reflect and meditate on what it is you are seeking. You are working hard, but for what? Perhaps your journey is earthly or perhaps it is spiritual growth you seek. Ask yourself what it is you are seeking and know that it is also seeking you. When you see opportunities for success present themselves, grab them. If you find your soul is needing a break, take one. Do something fun in the middle of the week. Take time to play, relax, and remember why you are on this journey. Re-examine your goals, your life, your purpose.

Finally, we come to the weekend, Friday/Saturday/Sunday, March 23-25 where the card is the Ace of Pentacles. Look at the big beautiful pentacle poised in the tree. Aces represent beginnings. New possibilities and opportunities are on the horizon. You may not be embarking on the next journey right away, but know that it is on its way. Once you have done the work from earlier in the week, you will have a solid foundation and a very real sense of your goals and desires. You can then begin making plans for the next adventure. Pentacles represent Earthly concerns so know that you will be materially and financially secure.

Also occurring this week in the Northern Hemisphere is the Spring Equinox on Tuesday, March 20. Just like the Judgment card, Spring is a time of renewal and rebirth. It signals longer days, birds start singing more, and colorful flowers and plants emerge from a long winter. So too will you. A couple of days later, on Thursday, March 22, Mercury will go retrograde and will stay this way until April 15. Mercury Retrograde is often associated with confusion and frustration. Mercury is said to rule communication, travel, technology, and contractual agreements. This means it will require more focus and patience. Stay calm, have backup plans, allow extra time traveling. If possible, avoid signing contracts. If unavoidable, be thorough in your thoughts and actions and do not hastily make agreements. The Eight of Cups is a reminder to do careful planning for trips, agreements, work, play. Although it can be fun to be impulsive periodically, it is not good to act on impulse during a Mercury Retrograde.

Peace and Love to all,

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