Weekly Tarot for The Week Starting 04.16.2018

Welcome, Dear Ones. This is your weekly tarot for the week starting April 16, 2018. With the intention of getting clear on what we all might learn in the upcoming week, I have pulled three cards from the Archangel Power Tarot deck. If you are ready, let’s get started. Take in a couple of deep breaths to relax and get mindful. Remember to look at the card first and see what stands out to you. This is your personal message. After you have done this, you can move on to read my interpretation of the cards.

For Monday/Tuesday, April 16-17, the card is Ten of Michael. Archangel Michael represents the suit of swords in traditional tarot. The suit of swords is about intellect or thought. For the beginning of the week, something will come to completion. It could be the Mercury Retrograde that ended on Sunday, it could be some relationship, some project, or something else that you have been struggling with. This completion may be troublesome as it could represent defeat or failure. Things may not go as you had planned or hoped. There could be sadness involved. Notice the dancer is taking a final bow. The end of the show can bring sadness if you are fully invested. But change is inevitable. There must be endings in order for there to be new beginnings. Let go and do not dwell on what was. Leave the past in the past and prepare for the next new beginning.

For the middle of the week, Wednesday/Thursday, April 18-19, the card is 21–The World. Ah! A major arcana card representing something big and the final card of the major arcana. This is a good card to follow Ten of Michael (swords) because it means you will come to a happy conclusion. Your part in the completion of a task or project will be satisfying. Archangel Michael shows up again in 21–The World. In traditional tarot, this card shows a Cosmic Dancer (similar to the dancer in Ten of Michael). Because major arcana cards represent the “bigger” aspects of your life, it may be you are successful in dealing with your emotional or spiritual self. The cycle has been completed and you are now ready to begin the next journey. Know in the middle of the week, that you are in the right place at the right time.

For Friday/Saturday/Sunday, April 20-22, the card is Three of Raphael. Archangel Raphael represents the suit of cups in traditional tarot. The suit of cups is about emotions and spirituality. The weekend looks like a good time to celebrate. There may be some public recognition, prosperity, weddings, birth announcements or improved health. This card can also be a sign that you are working too hard and need to take time to have some fun. Take a vacation. Spend time with loved ones who support you. Take time to experience the joy found in community with others.

That’s it for the week. Earth Day is Sunday, April 22 so while you’re out celebrating, take time to thank Mother Nature for the beauty she has created, and do your part to keep the Earth a beautiful, peaceful, loving place.

Peace and love,

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