Tarot For The Week Starting 04.23.2018

Hello, Dear Ones. We are nearing the end of the month already! Soon it will be May and spring will be upon those in the northern hemisphere. As always I sat in silence and contemplated what it is that we all need to know for the coming week. The law of attraction revealed the following:

For Monday/Tuesday, April 23-24, the card is 15-The Devil. Please don’t panic. This can be a frightening card and to learn more about it in detail you can read another post where I discuss the card at length. For now, you should rejoice because the card is reversed. The Devil card is about insecurity, uncertainty, fear, and misunderstanding. In the card above she sits in a cave with her head in her hands and seems oblivious to the fact that she is not trapped. There is an opening and she can emerge any time she is ready to. When the card is reversed, as it is here, the message is the opposite. You know what you need and as you express your needs, you find freedom. Through efforts of your own, you can now see more clearly the spiritual path ahead of you. There is an opportunity for spiritual understanding, altruism, and selflessness. You are emerging from the darkness and are almost there. The entrapment you may be feeling is an illusion. You are awakening to bigger things in life beyond the materialistic needs all physical beings have. There is more to life and you are on the verge of finding it.

For Wednesday/Thursday, April 25-26, the card is Ten of Swords. Swords are associated with the element of air and intellect or thought. The Ten of Swords signals the end of some challenging situation. Naturally, this makes it a good card to follow The Devil. If you have been struggling with some situation, know that by the middle of next week, you will be in a position to create change. Perhaps something has not gone the way you planned or hoped. This can create a sense of failure, defeat, or uncertainty. Don’t become a martyr or wallow in pity. You can move past this. Note that I said you will be in a position to create change. Nothing happens unless you allow it, embrace it, and take action. Tarot is a wonderful tool for possibilities but is not used as a crystal ball. So be aware, be open, and when the opportunity arises, know that you are divinely guided to take action and create change in your life.

Finally, we come to the weekend, Friday/Saturday/Sunday, April 27-29, where the card is 0-The Fool. The Fool is about new beginnings. It is about the thrill of a new journey, a new adventure. However, when the card is reversed it means there may be some missed opportunities or unexpected challenges. You may not be as focused as you need to be. This is a warning to consider your actions carefully because they impact others. While it can be fun and thrilling to act impulsively, this is not the time to do so. The Fool is a reminder to be more thoughtful and altruistic. You are not alone on this journey; there are others who walk the path with you. See the bigger picture so that you do not leap off the cliff onto jagged rocks. If you are conscientious about your actions and carefully consider others, it may instead be a short step or a bump in the road.

So, in summary, the week starts with a spiritual awakening, then moves on to an awareness of the need for change and concludes with a reminder to not be selfish and instead be more selfless. Some may see this as a challenging week. Others will see that it is a week to be very aware. Don’t run on autopilot. Be awake and aware. The week also ends with a full moon on Sunday, April 29. A full moon means it is time to release. Release anything that no longer serves your higher purpose. We do this to prepare for the next new moon when we can focus on manifesting. So on Sunday start making room for all of the good coming your way. Have a very blessed week.

Peace and Love,

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