California to Nevada

Late last week I began some travel with the purpose of visiting family. Since my mother’s passing, I have made it my focus to keep in touch with loved ones a little better than I had previously. That was her joy in life–family. So I have been on the phone more regularly and visiting when I am able to do so.


I love to travel. My wandering soul craves for the expansion I get when I travel. My heart yearns for the connection in exploring new sights, new sounds,  new environments, new people. So no matter where I am I think of it as a journey and do a little exploring. I knew it was a good day to get on the road as when I looked at my mileage it read 11111.

I started in Terra Bella, California and traveled to Henderson, Nevada. I am taking advantage of a virtual mailbox while I travel and they had a package for me in Henderson. I could have had it forwarded to wherever I am but thought it would be fun to just go pick it up personally along my journey.

IMG_0413The drive took me through lots of agriculture and farmland on Highway 65. Then after a short stint on Highway 99 and later Highway 58, my travel went through the Tehachapi mountains where windmills turned quietly on hilltops. Near Tehachapi, in Boron, there is a visitor center to one of the biggest and richest deposits of borax on the planet! Just after Barstow and into San Bernardino County on Highway 15, I stopped to get gas in Baker, California. I remember Baker as a thriving town with the World’s largest thermometer. As I drove through it felt more like a ghost town. There are still a few shops and hotels, but certainly not the bustling town I remembered. I made it to Henderson in good time, did a little work online and rested for the next day’s trip.

Next in Travel is a drive through the length of Nevada.

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