Driving Through Nevada

Driving through Nevada can be fun, boring, or cathartic. Perhaps traveling anywhere can be any of these–it just depends on where you are personally and what you are looking to experience. My goal on this particular day was to get from Henderson, Nevada and into Idaho. I was unsure about where I might stop and knew driving the length of Nevada would take some time. But, fortunately for me, time is something I had, so rather than take the major highways and go through Utah, I made the decision to take the roads less traveled and drive straight north.

IMG_0414Personally, this was a challenging day for me. The quiet time and the desert seemed to put me in a place where I was missing my Mama lots. The good part is that I was able to talk with her and share my pain and concerns. My intellect knows she is better, healthier, happier now, but my heart misses her presence terribly. So I stopped periodically to dry my eyes and take a few pictures of the surrounding landscape.

There was some road construction on Highway 93 and for a brief time traffic was stopped. Once it became Highway 318, traffic was very light and smooth. Along the way, there was the Pahranagat National Wildlife Refuge, lots of Joshua trees and other cacti, desert flowers, sagebrush, and other natural wonders.

I made it as far as Jackpot, Nevada where I rested and would venture into Idaho the next day.

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