From Idaho to Wyoming

I went to Boise to check in with my daughter who is 8+ months pregnant. After visiting with her and seeing how well she is doing, I felt I had time to drive to Wyoming and visit my little sister before the baby arrives. Mom has been gone just five weeks and I am finding comfort being around family right now. The drive across Idaho, from Boise to Idaho Falls is a relatively easy scenic drive. I-84 is a well-maintained road making the drive smooth and easy. Because travel is along a major Interstate, there are plenty of places to stop and refuel your vehicle or your body. Because travel right now is not solely for pleasure, I took the I-84, I-86, and I-15 rather than US-20. Someday I would like to check out the Craters of the Moon National Monument & Preserve.

The drive from Idaho Falls, Idaho to Jackson, Wyoming was beautiful and very different from the flat plains of Idaho.

I traveled through the Caribou National Forest and then the Targhee National Forest and although it is now technically Spring, it felt more like winter in these forests.


I stayed the night in Jackson and then traveled the rest of the way to my little sister’s home in Powell, WY the next day.

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